Boraie Development Contribution to New Brunswick High-end Property Market April 15, 2019

New Brunswick is home to a high-end property market. ‘The Aspire’ is a recent addition to the property market. According to property market commentators, ‘The Aspire’ redefined the market in three ways. First, Boraie Development understood the market needs for efficiency and the property is strategically at the heart of this town. Second, The Aspire answers some fundamental questions such as customized property in this real estate market. Finally, Boraie Development included all the important amenities in this new facility.

Some years back, Boraie Development had another major project. Unlike the project in New Brunswick, this particular project was charity centered. The company was in partnership with a basketball star, and this partnership gave the project a new meaning and authenticity. Shaquille O’Neal points out that working with this organization was instrumental because they were able to achieve a new social facility for the local communities in Newark. In just five months, the project was complete. Fast delivery of projects is now the Boraie Development signature.

Boraie Development is also synonymous with developing unique properties in urban centers. Since the property market is too vast, the management points out that the company has active projects in managing properties around the USA. Also, the company also deals with sales and marketing of different property markets.

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Gino Pozzo – Watford FC April 11, 2019

Watford FC Fans Enjoying a Wonderful Campaign Thanks To Gino Pozzo


For over 30 years, Watford Football Club fans such as Elton John endured frustrating footballing seasons. The situation was hopeless. In 2012, a new man arrived from Barcelona, home to Europe’s footballing royalty FC Barcelona. He came with a very ambitious plan that most Watford fans did not believe to be possible.

He wanted to return the team to the top flight. This idea was a wild dream for a team that was languishing in the middle of League 2. His name is Gino Pozzo. For those who know something about footballing families, they know the Pozzo’s.

Thanks to their commitment to Udinese Football Club, a promise that is now 32 years old, the team has become the mainstay of the Italian top flight. They have even played several times in Europe’s elite competition the UEFA Champions League.

When Gino left Italy, he ventured into sports, this time in Spain. He picked Granada FC—a team that was struggling in the third division. Several years later, Granada FC was playing in the top flight. When Watford FC demanded his attention, Gino had to relocate to London. He also sold a majority stake of his holdings at Granada to focus on the Hornets. His sacrifices are paying off.

Gino Pozzo is now a fan favorite. They consider the current team the best they ever had. It is not hard to see why; even Europe’s elite clubs are courting some of their players. Since bringing on board the visionary Javi Garcia as manager, the team has continued to do well in the league.

Elton John, who is the honorary president of the club, holds the Pozzos in high regard. Gino Pozzo has transformed a mediocre club into a respectable force in the English Premier League. Scott Duxbury, the CEO, believes that the vision is on track despite the many managerial changes at the club.

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The Results Of Richard Liu Qiangdong April 2, 2019


Richard Liu Qiangdong, founder, owner, and CEO of the Chinese e-commerce giant, is estimated to be worth about $12 billion. Today this massive company has around 100 million active loyal customers. Qiangdong first entered adult life by earning a degree in Sociology from The Peoples’ University of China. It was while taking the classes for his degree that he also taught himself computer coding. Immediately after college he became employed by Japan Life. In 1998 he left his position as Director of Computers with Japan Life to begin his entrepreneurial career.


Richard Liu rented some retail space in Beijing where he opened a small store that sold magneto-optical products. He named this store Jingdong. The store was almost immediately a huge success because it was known for only selling authorized products, something rare among Chinese technology stores at that time. His products became well known for their top quality. As a result in just five years, he owned 12 profitable stores. This was also something very rare among Chinese stores who for the first several years did not really see much profitability. Read This Article to learn more.


It was during its fifth years (2003) that things went downhill for the entire Chinese marketplace. It was during that year that the company saw the SARS outbreak which forced many shoppers to stay inside as much as possible. As a result, many stores went under. Liu saved his business by reinventing it and taking it online. The original name for this online version was 360Buy Jingdong. However, he eventually settled on He spent years perfecting its customer service and website interface. Today the JD experience is so streamlined that any shopper no matter how inexperienced can easily handle it.


He also quickly began offering more and more types of items on his site. He did this by forming many partnerships with vendors from other industries. Richard has even formed partnerships with Walmart and Google. Today it is considered the Amazon of China. It is proud of the fact that it has the full capability of delivering to anywhere in China no matter how remote.


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Heather Parry’s Live Nation Productions Flourishing Success March 24, 2019

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions. Her company’s involvement with the film, A Star Is Born, is a great achievement since it is one of the greatest films of the year. When Heather Parry first heard that Bradley Cooper was going to direct A Star Is Born, she got into contact with his agent, Dave Bugliari, offering to help market the film since Live Nation Productions has the avenues, concert tours and other assets that would be of great help. Following this call, Heather Parry held meetings with showed A Star Is Born team showing them their marketing deck and that’s how Live Nation Productions became involved with A Star Is Born. Heather Parry’s efforts to get involved in this film are a good example of how relentless she is and does not let opportunities to pass.

Heather Parry

Heather Parry is passionate and she brought this same energy in Live Nation Productions Company. Her presence alone demands full attention as she is brilliant, motivated and is so ambitious to do big things. Heather Parry stronghold is her impressively large list of contacts, which she built during the many years that she worked at MTV. She set out at MTV when she was 22 years old. Heather Parry left MTV and joined Madison and after many years of service in Madison as well she left and plunged into her position as the president of Live Nation Productions. Heather Parry remarks that she was not happy to leaving Madison but she wanted to focus on what was ahead and instead of announcing what she intended to do, she preferred to instead show them.

Live Nation Production’s first project was documentary Eagles of Death Metal. Live Nation Productions is also turning to be an amazing reception for documentary Believer. Heather Parry expounds that Live Nation Productions will always do documentaries since there will always be artists who will want to do features.

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Alastair Borthwick: A Nature Lover Who Fought For His Country During The Second World War March 21, 2019

Alastair Borthwick is one of the most significant icons in Scotland’s mountaineering societies. He was born in 1913, during an era where the natural beauty of the world coexists with mankind’s industrialization. Alastair Borthwick loves the outdoors, and he would prefer hiking a mountain near his hometown than finishing other tasks.


In the late 1930s, he decided to write a book entitled “Always a Little Further”, and it is dedicated to the beautiful landscapes of Scotland and its people.


Alastair Borthwick’s literary work was immortalized by educational institutions all over the country, and he was heralded as one of their top literary artists. The publication of the book helped uplift the mood of the public who is facing a lot of financial problems, and many of them do not have any jobs since the Great Depression resulted to the closure of factories and other manufacturing plants. Alastair Borthwick looked up into the mountains for inspiration, and he shared the positivity among the people who thought that their lives are worthless. Go To This Page to learn more.


His adventures in Scotland’s mountain also influenced other mountaineering groups to create their clubs and recruit other people to join. Creagh Dhu, one of the most popular mountain climbing clubs in Scotland, would schedule regular climbs, and they got the idea of spending their weekends on the mountain tops due to the works published by Alastair Borthwick. On the other hand, the Scottish mountain climber and writer is thankful to the Scottish people for appreciating his work and for extending the hobby to new people who wanted to try it out.


However, Alastair Borthwick had to leave his passion for climbing the Scottish mountains and writing literary works when the Second World War broke out. He had to leave his hometown, and join other young men to fight for the war. He had to travel more than 3,000 miles to reach their destination and liberated countries along the way. He also participated in countless battles, and luckily, he was able to go back home alive. He would spend the rest of his life reminiscing the past and being proud of what he has achieved in life. Go To This Page for more information about Borthwick.


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Igor Cornelsen’s Advice on Investing In Brazil March 20, 2019

Now retired, Igor Cornelsen was a well-known and accomplished investment banker. His work in the strategy for investing in damaged stocks while at the same time avoiding damaged companies was groundbreaking and key in making a name for himself in the industry. This technique is very useful but should be used carefully when a stock price suffers because of a temporary problem that a corporation is having that can be fixed over time and avoid the companies that are too damaged to actually recover from the crisis. Currently, Igor Cornelsen serves in Bainbridge Investment Inc. as their proprietor and consultant given his many years in the practice.

Despite Brazil being the fifth most populated country in the world, investors were turning their backs on the country because of the economic recession it experienced. Igor Cornelsen however always advocated for investors to invest in Brazil as its economy would stabilize with time. He was confident that the Brazilian market was ripe for investors. Igor has been spotted encouraging investors to make confident investments as confidence is an important trademark of successful individuals. He also encouraged companies to have confidence in their products as no one would invest in a company that didn’t have confidence in their own products.

Igor Cornelsen gave investors advice to make use of when investing in Brazil. He advised investors to connect with people as all enterprises depended on networking. Networking also allowed investors to get advice from the locals who have experience in the local market. He also advised that they prepare for bureaucratic rules that would make it hard to trade in Brazil. He also encouraged investors and entrepreneurs to learn about foreign currency restrictions they would encounter when trading or with Brazil. Igor Cornelsen has during his career guided many entrepreneurs towards making good investment choices.

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Steve Ritchie’s Career Background


Currently, Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s International; the company is ranked third worldwide in pizza delivery. He says that he has worked for the company for almost 22 years and his position as the CEO was acquired in 2018. Steve currently resides in Hikes Point, Louisville Kentucky with his family.

Before his promotion at the company Steve Richie PapaJohns had held various roles in the organization, he started as a customer service representative in1996. Having worked for the organization for more than ten years, he became the owner of Papa John’s franchise in 2006. In 2014 he got promoted to the position of chief operations officer. Other roles before being the CEO included delivery driver, area supervisor director of operations, general manager and vice president. He says that his working career unlike other people who work for different companies has been solely at Papa John’s. Steve notes that he worked as an operations consultant in Calistoga Bakery from 2008 – 2011, but during this time he was also working for Papa John’s.

His Investments

Steve Ritchie says that before he joined Papa John’s he had bought a local pizzeria at his hometown Louisville. He was a hard worker who dedicated his time to his little investment. It is here that he developed the passion on how to make Pizza and passion for pizza as well. His passion drove him to have an interest in working for Papa John’s. In 2013 Steve was listed in Forty under Forty by Louisville Business First Journal, he says that this was one of the picks of his career and personal growth witnessed at the time. Click Here for more information.

Steve Ritchie Talks About Future Prospects

Talking about the future, Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s revealed that he plans to own over 100 franchise under his name. He says that his vision is to serve under boards of various successful organization. This includes Fortune 500 companies by 2025. He, however, notes that under his current role at Papa John’s his focus will be to develop strategies that enable the company to become competitive in the world of Pizza delivery. This include creation of creation of accessible products and expanding operations to the Bahamas.


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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Successful Career as a Surgeon March 19, 2019

Many people are turning to plastic surgery to achieve their perfect body. That has put gluteal augmentation also called the Brazilian Butt Lift prominent in the cosmetic surgery industry. According to a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, many people are now turning to this procedure to acquire an ideal look. As demand for this surgery grows, there are surgical risks that may turn into a problem. In the industry of plastic surgery, experienced surgeons are working toward changing that.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a revered plastic surgeon who is leading in making transformations by including safety measures in the industry since he began practicing 20 years ago, Jejurikar has committed time to find solutions to problems that may be affecting most patients. As a certified board member of the plastic surgeon community, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute member has received a bachelor’s degree from Michigan University. He went ahead to be one of the envied plastic surgeons in the sector. Beyond his practice, Jejurikar is assisting take safety to the next level by supporting the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force.

Comprised of a board of certified plastic surgeons, Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force is pooling its member’s knowledge to improve the safety of cosmetic surgery. It’s also focused on protecting them by training professionals to offer protection against complications. The objective of the committee is to conduct anatomic studies to assist guide surgeons to select the appropriate access tissues for fat injections and proper angles of planes injection. Brazilian Butt Lift Augmentation is acquired during grafting, which will move fat from one tissue of the patient’s body to another. The procedure may cause fat embolisms that can occur when a fat mass is caught in a blood vessel.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar often speaks in domestic as well as international meetings in order to increase awareness regarding gluteal fat grafting. He once stated that the most vital aspect when it comes to performing the Brazilian Butt Lift is patient safety. Experience will help prevent deaths.

Dr. Sameer’s journey to becoming a successful surgeon began when he was young. He had a passion for science, art, as well as working on projects with his hands. He joined medical school and received exposure to various surgical specialties.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Has Achieved So Much At Such A Young Age March 18, 2019

In 2015 Dan Bethelmy-Rada took on the role of Global Brand President in the L’Oreal Professional Products Division. He is only 40 years old, but he already has 15 years experience in the industry with various companies.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has a global outlook on his life and work. He has lived around the world having spent time in his native Venezuela, Paris, and the United States. His work means that he continues to travel around the world meeting clients and promoting the L’Oreal brand. He uses that travel for his hobby of photography. He takes photos to capture the beauty around the world. It has taught him that beauty comes in a variety of forms. There is a danger that people associate beauty with one concept, but he tries to find it in places that one might not expect it.

At such a young age, Dan Bethelmy-Rada can still look back at his life so far and reflect. He loves his work, but he also knows the importance of spending time with his family. With two young children, he knows the value of time spent with them. A trend that he sees as important moving forward with the company is the continued use of social media. He knows that it does not only work in one direction. It is a great way to promote L’Oreal products, but it also a way for him to see things that are happening around the world. See This Page for more information

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is also proud of the philanthropic work that he has been able to do. Bethelmy-Rada has worked with many groups including diversity initiatives, LBGQT+ organizations and charities that help refugees. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal has achieved so much at such a young age, and he knows that he has to enjoy every day and the challenges that they bring.



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Alastair Borthwick: The Author With A Heart March 15, 2019


A man who is notable for his skill and ability in writing and broadcasting is popularly known as Alastair Borthwick. His career has risen and became well-known after writing and publishing his own book called Always a Little Further for it is now used in literature and history because of its pioneering and innovative story.


Write and Inspire

Mountain climbing has been a famous sport in Scotland that different movements have begun forming all throughout the country. One of the most notable clubs was called a Creagh Dhu wherein its members and climbers go over the astonishing mountains of Scotland and slept in its caves during the night. This was one of the best ways to appreciate all of the beauty of Scotland and at the same time focusing on different aspects of adventures. The behavior, emotions, and personality of a person can also be easy to understand after finishing this kind of book.


The book is famously known in Scotland for helping generations of Scottish people in going out in the woods, climbing mountains, and getting involved with nature. For additional information, Scotland is a country known for its breathtaking mountains and the book of Alastair Borthwick simply reminds everyone of how beautiful it is to visit and reside in Scotland. Back in the year 1939, there was massive unemployment that was occurring in the nation of Scotland and this was made bearable because of the lessons and inspiration that can be found in his book. Go To This Page for related information.


It is very important for the world that we live in to appreciate history and to read more books as often as they can. Reading and writing play a major role in attaining success and a book can simply inspire and motivate you to becoming who you want to be in life. A lot of people are worrying because of unstable jobs and they overcome this by going to the mountains and just enjoying the breeze and beauty of the world and environment that we live in. Alastair Borthwick and his great influence in the world will always be remembered and the books that he published will continuously amuse and inspire.


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