Why Dangerous Prisons Need Securus Technologies November 4, 2017

Most people are completely unaware how dangerous the conditions are inside the local prisons for officers working each day. Not only are me and all my fellow officers significantly outnumbered, the inmates are getting frustrated due to overcrowding. Packed in cells like animals, these inmates feel they have to lash out at authority to get a point across. Rather than go to work and hope for the best, we have embraced technology and finally have the ability to take back control of the facility.


Securus Technologies is a company that manufactures call monitoring software now being used in thousands of prisons around the country. The technology is so advanced that it can scan calls the inmates are making and identify chatter concerning drugs, weapons, or anything contraband related that could be a problem in a jail.


The LBS software simply alerts officers who are able to take action long before that could become a potential treat to anyway trapped behind those jail walls each day. The mission of Securus Technologies is to make the world a safer place, something each of my fellow officers live by each day.


To help show how effective this technology can be in a crowded jail, we only need to look at a few instances that happened this week. An inmate was mentioning to his friends on the phone how his gang is planning to take down a rival member in the yard with weapons they made. That incident was taken care of before it happened. An inmate was bragging to his dad about doing drugs in his cell, we moved that inmate and confiscated his contraband.


There was even an instance where one inmate was telling his little sister how to hide drugs from officers so she could pass them to him when she came to the fail on visiting day.