The Brains Behind Fagali Law Firm July 26, 2018

With years spent in legal work, Bruno Fagali has managed to make a name for himself. Since 2006, the Brazilian lawyer has been involved with numerous law firms and has managed to make quite a reputation for himself.

At the moment, Bruno Fagali owns his law agency known as Fagali Advocacy an also provides services as the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/ SB. His agency is based in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro. He is experienced in parliamentary law, administrative law and State law. His law firm specializes in business law.


The Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo is where Bruno got his first law degree in the year 2009. Later on, he studied administrative law in the same university which he completed in 2012.

Later, he got his masters in State Law at the University of Sao Paulo.

His work

At the moment, he is among the most promising lawyers in Brazil. He has the ambition to make Brazil a business-oriented country and from the looks of things, his drive and ambition I starting to take shape.

With assistance from Fagali, Brazil can change its reputation from being known as a corrupt country to a corruption-free nation with the most ethical and honest business practices.

Bruno has a firm belief that Brazil can overcome corruption if it sticks to its ethical rules and standards which he believes are similar to European standards. However, these standards are not easy to maintain in Brazil, and this is where Bruno’s law firm comes in handy. Its law firm will ensure that such ethical practices and rules are followed.


With the increase in globalization and the increase in uncertainty in the global markets, it is necessary that nations work on their reputations to remain safe, reliable and stable. By doing this, Brazil, just like any other nation, will be increasing its ability to attract foreign investors as well as add on the value of their exports.

With Bruno, the future of Brazil, as well as its business integrity, is looking bright at the moment. Bruno will make sure that he changes the overall perception of the legal system of Brazil as well as continue to fight corruption.

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