Poppy Angeloff & The Future For Doe Deere March 1, 2019

Jewelry can specifically describe a time and a certain place. In most cases, women tend to adore these fine pieces of metal and stone. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, is taking her talents to the next level via classic jewelry. Yes, this statement is absolutely true, and this woman is looking to reinvent herself in a completely new field. Deere is looking to bring some fun and excitement into jewelry production. This particular industry doesn’t seem to posses any real flare, but this notion is about to change. Doe Deere has founded a company by the name of Poppy Angeloff, and it’s itching to turn this industry upside down.

Jewelry for Victorian girls who live in the modern era is the motto of Poppy Angeloff. Deere has used her imagination to build this eclectic brand from the ground-up. Poppy Angeloff is actually the name of an imaginary girl. Deere will be combining some of the most intense hues with this vintage line of jewelry products. This is the same route that she took when constructing her line of beauty products. “As of 2019, I’m focused on expanding the brand,” said Deere. Deere’s sister has played an enormous role in this new transition. Her sister has also lit the fire under Doe’s seat, which has effectively set the ball in motion. “My family’s heirlooms are the foundation of this business,” said Deere. This woman just so happen to find these vintage pieces by accident.

Poppy Angeloff is inspired to do what no other jewelry brand has done, especially when it comes to vintage jewelry. Her strong passion for exotic colors will be the fuel, which could potentially pull in the admiration of the public. All in all, the foundation has been set for Doe Deere as she is looking to take the blandness out of vintage-jewelry sales.

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