ATS Founder – Robert Deignan March 1, 2019

One of the ways that Robert Deignan is trying to reinvent consumer relationship to technology is to work on strengthening the attention span of those who use technology the most. It must be said that in today’s modern society, it is very hard to be completely divorced from technology and that is certainly not the goal of Robert Deignan. Instead, as stated, he seeks to increase how much time an individual spends on any particular task. From recent studies, consumers attention span had dwindled down from 3 minutes in 2004 all the way down to slightly less than one minute in 2014. This is disconcerting, to say the least. However, the quest of Robert Deignan does not stop there.

He is a big believer in consuming information in a myriad of ways. It is a proven scientific fact that the human brain is quite malleable. Reading using technology trains the brain in a far different manner than it does when reading using more traditional formats. Robert Deignan espouses using as many different forms of information consumption as possible. This will ensure that the brain is being trained in multiple ways, all of them different but all of them beneficial at the same time.

Robert Deignan receommends to not compulsively chek your smartphone, especially while engaged in real-world conversations. This can have very damaging effects not only on the psyche of the person with the phone but also with the people they are conversing with. Use technology during alloted times and make sure that device are shut off while engaging in activities when there is direct human to human contact. Not only will you be much happier and more stress-free but the people around you will be happy as well. You can thank Robert Deignan at a later date.

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