Steve Lesnard: Genius Global Marketing March 5, 2019

Steve Lesnard is one of the most established and most sought after Brand Consultants in the world. His name is known globally for working with top brands, a-list clients and being part of the most iconic products on the market. Steve Lesnard is an expert when it comes to products concerning lifestyle, sports and technology – but always has a bias towards sports because he is extremely passionate about this. Lesnard’s biggest break is working for this certain brand as their Global Sports Marketing and Footwear Project Manager. In his job, he was able to work hand in hand with the American and Canadian Olympic Snowboard Teams for the 1998 Winter Olympics – wherein two of them will garner gold medals.


Steve has always found joy in traveling and exploring different cultures. Even at a young age, he made it a goal to make small travel trips at nearby locations. This passion led him to wanting to have an international career.


This is why Steve Lesnard has always enjoyed working with international brands and successfully solving the challenges of the brand have deep reflections in the culture.


Steve has found that sports is an international language with no barrier – everyone understands sports. Steve has used this leverage to bridge gaps and differences in culture and to connect everyone through sports ideals. Steve finds common ground through common sports values and creating glorious consumer moments that creates a truly global brand phenomenon.


When creating ideas, it’s always best to have a team of brilliant minds that have different perspectives. Steve Lesnard prides himself in the team that he has assembled that came up with genius marketing strategies for the brands they have worked for. Go Here to learn more.


Steve punctuates that the best way to sell a brand or a product is when it answers to a very specific set of needs. That’s why Steve advices brands to find a particular “pain point” – something that’s bothering the consumers in your niche market. It can be anything simple (like cracking an egg) or something complex (like installing a roof panel), what matters is you find a specific pain point and you provide a product that solves it. When you’re able to accomplish that, it’s exponentially easier to market and sell the product.


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