Matt Badiali’s Advice on Investing in the Gold Market December 10, 2017

     Matt Badiali is a natural resource investment advisor and works at the Real Wealth Strategist as an editor. In one of his most recent articles, he advised investors not to give up investing in gold because of its poor performance over the last couple of months. He agrees that the investment demand for gold has dropped significantly and the gold market’s performance has not been as bad as it was in this year’s third quarter since 2009, but this does not mean that investing in the metal right now is unprofitable. In fact, despite the steep drop in the third quarter, the gold market has gone up by 12% this year and this is remarkable performance. From his expert assessment of the market, he expects this trend to continue and believes that it is a good time to invest in gold. Matt has visited a couple of gold mines and knows exactly which ones are the best to invest in.


About Matt Badiali


Matt Badiali has been involved in the natural resource industry for more than 20 years, and this puts him in a great place to provide natural resource investment advice. What sets him apart from other natural resource investment advisors is the fact that he actually takes the trouble to visit oil wells and mines so that he can see firsthand how they are performing. Some of the places he has visited include Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iraq and Turkey to mention but a few.


Matt Badiali studied Earth Sciences at Pennsylvania State University, and he is also an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University from where he graduated with masters in Geology. His background in geology makes him good at assessing oil wells and mines since he knows exactly what to look for to know whether an oil well or a mine is a good investment. This means that he provides investors with topnotch advice on the right investments to make.




Matt Badiali is known for his accurate predictions of various natural resource markets and the gold market is no exception. Investors should, therefore, heed his advice in order to make big profits from investing in gold. Many investors have benefited from his expert advice on natural resource investment.


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