Malcolm CasSelle Banks on Blockchain Tech December 22, 2018

Malcolm CasSelle is excited about blockchain technology. The current CIO of OPSkins and president of newly release P2P platform WAX cannot stop talking about them. In fact, it a recent interview with Ideamensch he referred to blockchain’s as “Internet 3.0”. This carries a lot of weight as CasSelle knows his way around the digtial landscape. He has been a part of it for decades, first appearing as the co-founder of NetNoir back in 1995. CasSelle has a long history in the virtual world. He served as CTO and President of New Ventures for Tronc Inc. before coming to OPSkins.

Malcolm CasSelle is an international entrepreneur, accomplished executive, innovator, and early stage investor. He has two degrees in Computer Science, a bachelor’s from MIT and a master’s from Stanford. As CIO of OPSkins he is responsible for their epic rise as the largest Bitcoin merchant on earth. Mostly due to his early stage investment in the cryptocurrency. As president of WAX he plans to take cryptocurrency to its next step as a mainstream trade medium.

It has long been said by numerous experts that cryptocurrency will eventually digitize traditional banking. Commodities like stocks will go full virtual, and the need for paper money will slowly deteriorate. The biggest thing keeping this prophecy from coming true have been troubles with the virtual marketplace. Blockchains solve those problems by doing away with both fragmentation and fraud. CasSelle believes this so fervently he has developed the WAX platform to take advantage of it.

Blockchain technology uses cryptography to create smart lists. These streams of data record every aspect of a users transaction history. Any occurrence of fraud is recorded so that the use can get red flagged. This takes care of fraud and also cuts out any middleman security companies which lessens fragmentation. Blockchains can also operate over traditional currency borders. A fact optimized by WAX tokens. WAX tokens are a form of tokenization that the WAX platform uses to create currency. This allows any currency type to be digitized into a universal medium. Such aspects make blockchains the tech that will drive concurrency forward. Malcolm CasSelle will be along for the ride.

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