Harvesting the Habanero Pepper with Joel Friant December 8, 2017

Habanero Madness gives an insight into when and how to harvest Habanero pepper. Having an idea of when the papers are ripe is the key to having a successful harvest. Although there are so many types of peppers, it is always good to follow some rule of identifying when the harvesting period is due.

From Habanero Madness’ insight there are some general rules before harvesting pepper. What is of great importance in the first instance is to review the plant information. Similarly, on the information provided on the methods to be used in harvesting the peppers, use of a knife or garden clippers is recommended. It is important as it prevents any damage to the plant.

Another measure that should be considered is protecting hands when collecting pepper, the reason being that the oil can irritate the skin. Similarly, it’s advisable to harvest the peppers during dry seasons to avoid the spread of diseases. One of the criteria for determining whether the peppers are ripe is due to easiness to pull off the plant. Sometimes tiny lines that are brown may form on the peppers. To have a massive harvesting, it’s important to continue harvesting Habanero peppers as soon as they are ripe. Peppers do not do well in cold climate.

The “original” Habanero Shaker is one of the hottest and the most flavorful Chile peppers on earth. The man behind this success is Joel Friant. It was originally introduced 1995. Over the years it had exited the market, but due to the popular demand, the brand is back to the market with the best flavor and outstanding taste. Besides, Habanero alongside the associated brands is among the hottest brands of Chile peppers. Despite the existence of other r peppers in the market, the satisfaction of original Habanero pepper has been made a reality through the support of Joel Friant.

The first Habanero pepper consists of the highest amount of Capsaicin. The Capsaicin triggers the brain cells leading to the production of Endorphins that acts as the natural body pain killers. Joel Friant is a successful billionaire who has greatly invested in the company.

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