Doe Deere Takes Alternate Route to Success May 2, 2018

Doe Deere is changing the way that some women look at the makeup industry. She is an entrepreneur that started with a small business concept, but she has grown her Lime Crime business in a major way. It serves as a huge source of inspiration to all of those women that may have struggled to break past the corporate glass ceiling.


It is no secret that women and minorities have a difficult time getting their accolades when it comes to building a business. Many of these people in the business world are totally clueless on what it takes to break the glass ceiling that holds them back. With Doe Deere it was a matter before taking things into her own hands. Lime Crime is a business that is now able to compete with bigger companies, but Doe Deere realized that she had to stir up a little controversy and get something that would actually get the attention of people that were patronizing The Lime Crime brand she created.


With Doe Deere this became a two-step process. The first thing that she would do is present her brand as a cruelty-free type of cosmetics. This sparked a huge amount of curiosity in makeup consumers that may have never really given the thought to the possibility of animals being used to test cosmetics. This was controversial, but any publicity is good publicity when it comes to making a name for your business.


The second step that Doe Deere would utilize in order to build a platform is create lipstick colors that were totally off base. She did not conform to the basic reds and variations of red that appear to be so common with the mainstream makeup companies.


It would be the colors that would typically not be worn until the workplace that would pop up as favorites for Lime Crime consumers. These colors that may have caused controversy inside of schools or on jobs, but were perfect for the clubs and any other outing where women wanted to get some attention for their outrageous blends of eyeliner and lipstick.


Doe Deere realized that she could start some controversy with colors and actually give people something to talk about. This was the thing that turned her into a bit of a rebel in the cosmetics industry. This hype behind these outrageous colors would become the thing that made people that wanted alternative cosmetics show up and support Doe Deere.


As time progressed Doe Deere would find herself at the top of the cosmetics world. She would become someone that was adored by the young millennial crowd that wanted something that did not look like everything else.


On the corporate side of things this woman that did not play by the rules. She inspired other women that had spent so much time playing by the rules even though they were not getting nowhere. Doe Deere has been able to show females that are interested in creating their own businesses that there is always an alternate route.


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