Clay Hutson: The Man Behind The Curtains March 5, 2019

Clay Hutson’s rise to success is a true story of hard work and resilience. When you hear the names of music moguls such as Pink, Garbage, Kid Rock and Guns’n’Roses, his name will not fall far behind. Hutson is the man behind the curtain pulling strings when it comes to setting up, designing and managing some of the live music tours done by these artists. But, how did he rise the ranks in the competitive music world? How did he become one of the most sorts after sound engineer?

Once done with college, Hutson took up different roles from sound engineer to project manager in companies that dealt with live event production. Here, Hutson acquired every skill he could master diligently laying his foundation for what was to come next. After the recession period, the company Hutson was working for took a significant hit. He never went back to employment. He took a step towards starting his own production management company.

Hutson maintains an incredible reputation by always over-delivering on every task that he handles. He makes it his duty to ever arrive at the venue of any event his company is handling before anyone does. Hutson scans through the schedule and maps out a strategy to manage the tasks ahead. Then he delegates the job to his team. Even as the show progresses, he gets busy devising a seamless exit strategy and gives everyone in the team a role to play.

Hutson as well strives to give the artist a fantastic experience. He is always on the loop for any advancements in tech that can make the artist’s work in engaging the crowd easier. Hutson heavily relies on word of mouth to cement his reputation. Thus, by creating a fantastic experience for the artists, he grows his business with positive recommendations.

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