Adam Milstein is using the creativity of meme creators in his activism activities. August 7, 2017

Adam Milstein is using the creativity of meme creators in his activism activities.

Adam Milstein seems to have no limits when it comes to efforts towards supporting pro-Israel activities. His immense contribution extends to a wide range of activities and now he has started a social media competition to create awareness on pro-Israel.


The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a super active supporter of pro-Israel and Jewish activities announced Wednesday, 27th July 2017 that it will be accepting submissions for the Milstein Meme Competition, which is supposed to bring together pro-Israel memes created by artists from all over the world. The global competition is expected to showcase the meme creations in forms of videos, images, websites or hashtags with the potential to garner a wide following on social media.The ultimate winner will take home a grand cash prize of $2000.

Commenting on the panelists, whom he cited as “leading authorities in meme making and sharing, “philanthropist Adam Milstein said that the competition is supposed to show support for Israel with wit and humour. A panel of six college and high school students will choose the final winners and the winning slots are organized into a first-place , two second-place, five third-place winners, and 10 runners-up, Winners will be announced on August 17th, 2017.

Voting begins on August 3rd and participants have the opportunity to submit up to five memes. Voting will be done by analyzing memes that create a lot of reactions, through public reactions from Facebook posts, expressed in phrases and words such as like, love, haha, sad, wow or angry. Voting and submissions close on August 14th,2017.

Adam Milstein came to the United States in search of better education and life opportunities. He joined the Southern California Business School after which he established himself as a real estate and investment manager to great success. The contest by Milstein Family Foundation has also been created in partnership with over a dozen pro-Israel and Jewish support organizations.

The use of memes in the modern internet-connected-world is a quick way of promoting such a cause and Adam Milstein expects this promotion to reach even a wider audience and create a conversation around this subject. This will go a long way in boosting the efforts of Adam Milstein, his foundation as well as other pro-Israel organizations.


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