Steve Lesnard: Genius Global Marketing March 5, 2019

Steve Lesnard is one of the most established and most sought after Brand Consultants in the world. His name is known globally for working with top brands, a-list clients and being part of the most iconic products on the market. Steve Lesnard is an expert when it comes to products concerning lifestyle, sports and technology – but always has a bias towards sports because he is extremely passionate about this. Lesnard’s biggest break is working for this certain brand as their Global Sports Marketing and Footwear Project Manager. In his job, he was able to work hand in hand with the American and Canadian Olympic Snowboard Teams for the 1998 Winter Olympics – wherein two of them will garner gold medals.


Steve has always found joy in traveling and exploring different cultures. Even at a young age, he made it a goal to make small travel trips at nearby locations. This passion led him to wanting to have an international career.


This is why Steve Lesnard has always enjoyed working with international brands and successfully solving the challenges of the brand have deep reflections in the culture.


Steve has found that sports is an international language with no barrier – everyone understands sports. Steve has used this leverage to bridge gaps and differences in culture and to connect everyone through sports ideals. Steve finds common ground through common sports values and creating glorious consumer moments that creates a truly global brand phenomenon.


When creating ideas, it’s always best to have a team of brilliant minds that have different perspectives. Steve Lesnard prides himself in the team that he has assembled that came up with genius marketing strategies for the brands they have worked for. Go Here to learn more.


Steve punctuates that the best way to sell a brand or a product is when it answers to a very specific set of needs. That’s why Steve advices brands to find a particular “pain point” – something that’s bothering the consumers in your niche market. It can be anything simple (like cracking an egg) or something complex (like installing a roof panel), what matters is you find a specific pain point and you provide a product that solves it. When you’re able to accomplish that, it’s exponentially easier to market and sell the product.


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Victoria Doramus’ Support For New York’s Hopeland Gala February 28, 2019


Victoria Doramus is a one of the most successful people in New York City. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication. She also studied Foundations of Western Art in the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She volunteered in Amy Winehouse Foundation and Room to Read. She worked as a personal assistant to Peter Berg, a New York based film producer.


In December, 2018, she attended the Hopeland’s Annual Gala. Hopeland was established in 2014 by CEO Nicholas Evans and Deborra Furness. The Gala was held, in New York City, with aim of bracing the prevention the separations between parents and their children and looking for various ways to reunite separated families. A charitable donation was made by Doramus to the organization’s general finance that will assist in ensuring that each child is entitled to caring families and safe homes.


Victoria Doramus advised adults to go above and beyond just to make sure that their children are loved and are within safe surroundings. Doramus appreciated Hopeland, a non-profit organization, for the care and support they offer to New York community’s youth and for always having the best interests at heart for the children. She stated that it is the responsibility of adults to care for, help and support their children.


The Hopeland’s Annual Gala was hosted by Dr. Bertice Berry. Berry shared with the attendees a strong message about her journey had been. To prevent her sister’s children from being taken into foster care, she adopted them. Berry empowered the audience with motivational talk of the power within people that has a great impact in children’s lives. See This Page for additional information.


Nick Evans is the president of Hopeland. In attendance of the Gala, Evans advised each person to rally in showing support by making donations to the organization. Hollywood actor, Hugh Jackman, also attended the Gala and disclosed that Hopeland’s goal is to protect every child and ensuring that somebody is fighting for their safety and care. Jackman introduced musician and actress featured in The Greatest Showman, Keala Settle, who performed for the Gala. The audience enjoyed performance from Ari Afsar.


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Steve Lesnard Discusses Tips On Digital Marketing February 25, 2019


There are many new digital platforms that have risen in popularity in recent years and several of these have brought with them new opportunities for marketing. As someone with several years of experience, Steve Lesnard knows just how powerful some of these mediums are for marketing purposes and encourages businesses to learn how to use them properly. While they can have a lot of benefits and are able to get your products or services out there to the public, they can also have fairly negative results if they are not implemented correctly.

Steve Lesnard is a highly prolific businessman and entrepreneur who is mainly specialized in product marketing. He is a well-known marketer in the United States and a native of Portland. Steve Lesnard is working with Nike as the Global Brand Manager and plays a vital role in the prosperity of the company. He holds a master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship which he received from Babson College.

According to Steve Lesnard, it’s important to put the needs of your customers at the forefront of your marketing campaigns. You need to be able to show how your company and what they have to provide could benefit them. This must be done in a clear and concise way to gain and keep their attention until they decide to make the purchase. Get Additional Information Here.

When you are designing your marketing campaign, simplicity is key when it comes to making a marketing campaign that is memorable and sticks with your potential customers. Even the flashiest campaigns aren’t going to be very effective if they have to look up what the product is. Most likely, they will just scroll by and forget about what they have seen. Steve Lesnard states you need to be able to show what the benefits are and why your product is better than what is currently on the market today. This may mean that you won’t be able to share all of the features that your product has to offer, but this can be done when they are considering making a purchase or at least interested in learning more.

When marketing your product, you have to be able to make it real to consumers in a way that makes them able to picture owning and using it. They need to know what they would look like using it and wanting to use it. Many marketers use properly placed videos in order to do this that includes testimony from other consumers. Peer opinions can many times have a bigger impact than the words of the company itself.


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Nick Vertucci The Poker Beast January 22, 2019

Nick Vertucci is well-known for his sensible movements in the boardroom and on the poker desk. Nick is certainly a genuine property investor who’s winning big in Texas hold’em video games remaining, right and center. This individual has performed in the toughest of competitions all over the world.

Nick Vertucci hás competed against household brands in the wonderful world of Texas hold’em. He offers played against famous brands Antonio “The Mágician” Esfandiari and Phil “the Poker Brát” Helmuth. Antonio may be the wizard come texas hold’em participant that has wón Globe Poker Tour championships double. He also offers three Globe Group of Texas hold’em bracelets.

However, Helmuth is certainly well-known for his occasional misjudgments and garbage talk. Even so, he provides fóur Globe Group of Texas hold’em bracelets and provides received one Globe Poker Tour championships. One more participant Nick Vertucci hás performed against is usually Frenchman David Benyamine. Benyamine is certainly an expert in Pót-Limit Omaha ánd includes a World Texas hold’em Player name.

In a recently available interview, Nick mentioned that texas holdem has produced him a much better investor. This individual hás observed significant improvements in his property decisions since hé began hanging out on the poker desk. Nick’s achiévements have allowed him to rank well on the Perfect Money List.

An excellent pérson to understand from with regards to doing well in property is Nick Vertucci. Nick includes a proven monitor récord, a genuine estate school, and a good book. The actual estate can be extremely cutthroat, and in the event that you are not exactly sure what you are doing when you determine to take part in the true estate video game, you can crumble and fall. That is why it is important to understand from people whó understand without the darkness of a question how to succéed in property and how exactly to teach others to accomplish the same.

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