Daniel Taub on Critical Matters in Israel December 25, 2017

Daniel Taub, formerly an accredited diplomat sent by his state as its permanent representative in Israel. He served as an ambassador for almost four years to the Court of St. James. Currently, Daniel holds top executive as well as legal and diplomatic positions. At Yad Hanadiv foundation, He heads the Strategy and Planning departments as the sole director.


Over the years working, his achievement led to his recognition beyond imagination. He is one lucky individual; he has met several prominent people in the world who cared for critical matters in the Israel. In 2011, Daniel got lucky and happened to meet the queen of England. During his visit, he presented his credentials was appointed ambassador to the Court of St James’s by the queen. Meanwhile, he is set to leave his position as a Britain ambassador.


Daniel was born in London in the year 1962. He began his professional studies at Trinity College, Oxford University where he graduated with Bachelors in Literature. Later on, Daniel realized his passion in pursuing law courses. He soon enrolled in The Law Society where he received accreditation in Law. In 1988, Daniel was set to sharpen his Juris doctor skills, thus enrolling at the University College London where he acquired a Masters in Juris doctor. Later in the early 2000s, Mr. Daniel upgraded his qualifications at Harvard University where he graduated with a master’s degree in public policy.


Daniel Taub began his professional career journey at Israel Defense Forces. He rose through the ranks by serving in the foreign law division as a military personnel with EMT level training and as well as a supply officer. In the year 1991, he resigned from his position and moved to Israel where he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry. His most groundbreaking achievement includes the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In 2011, Daniel officially became an ambassador representing Britain in Israel.


In addition to his expertise, Daniel also associated with the Israel-Syrian negotiations. Over the years of loyalty, he represented the country in various legal positions in different forums. Additionally, Daniel Taub is also a prolific author in the field of international law and negotiation theory. He has published several copies of his work, and they are currently being used for studies in significant schools in Israel. Additionally, the man also contributes to social, academic, medical projects. Meanwhile, he is a father of six adorable children and happily married to his wife Zehava in Israel.


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