Louis Chenevert on Why You Should Invest In Employees March 8, 2019

Louis Chenevert is an exclusive advisor and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He joined the company in 2006 and had served different roles ever since. He worked for Pratt & Whitney before joining United Technologies. He was the general manager of General Motors for 14 years.

When employers want to improve business operations, they normally consider many things. They consider embracing new technology or outsourcing services. Few businesses consider investing in employees as an important element of success. However, Louis Chenevert, a former President of United Technologies Corporation, thinks otherwise.

Chenevert states that investing in employees is the best thing you can do. This is because you already know to people your employees, so you know their strengths and weaknesses. Some employees could be more efficient if they were supported or motivated. Louis Chenevert recently gave tips that leaders can follow to succeed. Helping employees in weak areas benefit your business. You should not assume that an employee knows what he/she is doing because they qualify for the job.

Assessing employee performance helps you know where to chip in. He states that when you hire someone new, training should be offered. Some business does not offer training because they view it as a loss. However, failure to train employees leads to poor performance and stagnation. To overcome this hurdle, Chenevert advises businesses to have training programs. Offering promotion to your current employees keeps them motivated to work hard. Moreover, it encourages other employees to work hard because they will be promoted.

Chenevert says that firms should not fear to invest in employees because they will reap big. Furthermore, creating a favorable work environment makes employees more productive. Avoid office politics and strive for peace and understanding. Reward hard workers to encourage good performance. Award employees for finishing tasks early motivates them to do better.

If you do not mind investing in employees and developing skills, you can introduce an Employee Scholar Program. They will acquire skills to take your business on another level. Louis Chenevert believes that investing in employees is not a waste of time or resources. Companies that do this have witnessed tremendous success.

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Madison Street Capital –Taking Proud of Topnotch Financial Services August 28, 2017

Madison Street Capital has many years of clean track record. Thousands of its clients choose this company for its experience, expertise, and integrity. Due to the company’s experience and knowledge of the intricacies of corporate finance, the Chicago based firm has grown from humble beginnings to an international investment banking firm.

When it comes to structuring complex contracts, designing exit strategies and matching buyers with sellers, none other performs exemplarily like this firm. Throughout its years of operation, it has majored on mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance, bankruptcy services, private placement advice and also corporate governance. It has regular clients who include but not limited to Fiber Science, Bond Medical Group, and Central Iowa Energy.

The company is a leader in corporate finance issues, thanks to its established offices positioned in different parts of the world such as Chicago, Oregon, India and in Africa, Ghana. This success is attributed to its knowledgeable company executives that exhibit high levels of knowledge, professionalism, deep relationships and analytical skills in their daily undertakings. They are ready to meet all of their customer needs whether revolving around financial reporting, price allocation, asset management or even business valuation. As if that is not all, you will also benefit from tax planning and wealth preservation as there is a division that primarily focuses on that.

Just recently in its amalgamation with the Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital became the sole financial advisor for DCG Software Value. DCG is a renowned software analytics company. The firm is headquartered Pennsylvania, and prides itself in value management, project support not forgetting software estimation services. The company was founded in 1994 and is capable of meeting software needs of both small and large scale organizations.

On the same breath, Spitfire Group is a Denver based company that deals with business and technology consulting. Its partnership with DCG according to is set to increase the value of both firms. With top notch technology, this company has helped a myriad of businesses to address project management, custom development projects and also technology architecture challenges. Learn more:

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital got incepted in 2005, as a middle market investment banking enterprise. Madison Street Capital reputation of providing a variety of financial services to its clients is existent since time immemorial. Currently, it has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The firm has a well-established website where you can find more information there. Other than that, it is also active on its social media page such as Twitter, LinkedIn and has a working telephone number. Learn more:

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