How Avatrade Pioneered the Trading of Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin December 8, 2017

Multiple brokers are currently offering Bitcoin trading, it should be noted that this was not true a few years back. Just after bitcoin had got mainstream attention worldwide, many trading brokers didn’t see the need to trade this cryptocurrency as many termed it to be complicated., however, saw something different. Bitcoin, at this time still being a new technology, Avatrade saw its potential of this futuristic currency. Therefore, they added it to the instruments the company was offering day traders to trade on. Since then other brokerage firms have joined in and are now offering Bitcoin trading.

Avatrade was established back in 2006 and has since grown to one of the largest instrument traders in the global market. Other than bitcoins, Avatrade offers its members more than 250 instruments to trade and invest in.

Avatrade adheres to all the financial laws and policies in the regions the company has operations. Some of these areas include London, Japan, New York among many business and economic hubs across the world. Some of the regulators that oversee the operations of Avatrade include The British Virgin Islands Service Commission.

From 2006 to 2012, Avatrade was offering various trading options such as Forex and stocks. 2013 saw the company enlist bitcoins as one of the trading instruments that will be available to its members.

If you are looking to find an excellent broker that has experience in the market plus a reputation that is nothing less than exemplary, look no further than Avatrade. From setting up an account to trading with AvaTrade, the process is easy and straightforward.

After signing up for Avatrade, you can proceed to set up an account that you will use in the trading of instruments such as bitcoins. Additionally, Avatrade offers downloadable software and applications that can be used for trading. AvaTrade’s software is known as the Avatrader.

For individuals who don’t want to opt for the downloaded software, you can still trade on Avatrade using its web-based client. From AvaTrade Review prospective bitcoin traders should invest in Avatrade. Some of the perks of trading on bitcoins with AvaTrade is the bonus rewards each trader occasionally receives.

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