Roseann Bennett Is Introducing Canine Therapy Into Her Practice March 5, 2019


Roseann Bennett currently works as a licensed counselor at the Center For Assessment and Treatment located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. The clinic was founded in order to provide counseling services to those of limited financial means who may not have had other access to mental health services.

Roseann Bennett utilizes many different treatment approaches as she attempts to find the approach that will help her clients find solutions to their mental health issues. In order to assist her clients in the best way possible, Ms. Bennett is introducing the use of “Canine-Assisted Therapy” into her practice.

Dogs have been used to help humans overcome their physical difficulties for quite some time. Dogs are used extensively in order to help those who have visual or hearing impairments. They are also used for those who are in wheelchairs or who have movement disorders.

Roseann Bennett became interested in bringing “Canine-Assisted Therapy”  to her practice when she saw the way that dogs were able to help those with mental health issues. She noticed that children received a special benefit from working with canines.

Jack is the name of the dog who will be helping Roseann Bennett with her clients. Jack was adopted by Bennett and her husband, and the dog has been trained specifically to help in the practice.

Ms. Bennett is quick to point out that Jack will not be used with patients who have a treatment protocol that is currently helping them. Jack will also not be used if there are other proven treatment methods that could be utilized for a client. See Related Link to learn more

Roseann Bennett believes that Jack will be able to assist with children in particular. In her observations, children are able to open up and speak more freely about their problems when a dog is present.



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