Tim Ioannides Dermatologist: The Role Of Vitamin D April 19, 2019


Dr. Tim Ioannides is like a traditional dermatologist in all aspects, but he also believes in keeping on top of your skin and not for purely cosmetic reasons. Although clear and blemish free skin is good to have, Ioannides is mainly interested in treating people who have serious disorders versus laugh lines and fine wrinkles.


Dr. Tim was educated in the states and he is a certified dermatologist. He founded Treasure Coast Dermatology,  his own practice and has other locations in three different cities in Florida.


Some of the serious skin disorders that Tim treats are various forms of melanoma. One of the best ways to protect yourself against melanoma is to wear proper sunscreen, and have your skin checked by a dermatologist if you notice any changes in moles.


Some other disorders of the skin are psoriasis and keratosis. Some skin conditions may benefit from the over-the-counter supplement vitamin D. Dr. Tim Ioannides is an advocate of sharing with his patients treatments that can be purchased without a prescription.


Vitamin D can be taken in a pill form, but it can also be ingested through food. Many of today’s commercially prepared products have vitamin D added to them to fortify them, such as many of the popular breakfast cereals. A free way to get vitamin D is to get out in the sunshine for 10 or 15 minutes a day if you can. Your skin will absorb vitamin D from the sunlight. See Related Link to learn more.


Avoiding conditions that can irritate the skin is one of the best preventative measures a person can take. Other areas that Dr. Tim Ioannides states affect the condition of your skin are age, diet, nutrition, and weight. Individual who carry extra weight may be deficient in vitamin D because their larger frame may require more of the supplement.


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Tim Ioannides: How To Bring Ideas To Life And Overcome Failure February 13, 2019


Tim Ioannides is the co-founder of the Treasure Coast Dermatology; a practice that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. He has served the Treasure Coast Dermatology for more than 15 years. Tim Ioannides went to Miami University School of Medicine where he graduated with a medical degree.

After earning his degree, he served his internship at the Florida University School of Medicine and Health Science Center. Tim Ioannides completed his residency through Miami University in the Department of Dermatology and the Cutaneous Surgery at the Jackson Memorial Hospital.

How to Bring Ideas to Life

With the continued spirit of growth, you should always try to make your practices better, to achieve and accomplish your goals, continuously educate your staff and try as much as possible to parlay your skills for the sake of helping others. See Related Link for more information.

You should also make concerted efforts to listen to the desires of your clients and implement them in tangible ways. The new ideas are also significant since they provide new techniques in your daily practices such as in the treatment of cancer and surgical procedures.

How to Overcome Failure

Tim Ioannides said that in the past, he made one mistake which was being lenient on his employees who didn’t contribute to the overall tranquil work environment. Since the employees were competent within the range of their respective positions, it was challenging for him to allow them to go. He learned that there are many individuals who perform their duties well, but they are not in the position to integrate with a team.

You should learn to consider what is excellent for the entire team when making your staffing choices and providing a non-performing team member with a benefit of the doubt. After learning this lesson, Tim Ioannides is in the position to successfully maintain a positive working environment where most of his workers remain at the practice for more than ten years.


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