Dr. Avi Weisfogel Researches Sleep Disorders November 10, 2017

Getting enough sleep is difficult for quite a few people due to busy schedules. There are also a number of people that don’t get enough sleep because they stay up to late. While these are the majority of people that don’t get enough sleep, there are others who are unable to sleep well due to sleep disorders. One of the most common sleep disorders is sleep apnea. With this condition, individuals have difficulty breathing while asleep and are therefore unable to get enough rest at night. Having sleep apnea can be a sign of even more serious health problems such as heart disease. As a result it is important to find a way to treat this condition immediately. In recent years, many medical professionals have made it a priority to find a way to treat this condition. One of the most notable medical professionals to research treatments for sleep apnea is dentist Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

As of today Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of his own company which is known as Dental Sleep Masters. He founded this company in an effort to research, educate people about and also treat sleep apnea. Over the last few years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel was able to inform medical professionals and patients about the effects and causes of this condition. One of the best way to treat this condition has been through dentistry. Since Dr. Weisfogel has been a dentist for his entire career, he uses his knowledge and skills to help people overcome the symptoms of sleep apnea. With his assistance, Dr. Weisfogel has helped many people treat this condition and go back to living a better quality of life.

Before he started up the company Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel practiced as a dentist for many years. He started up his own practice called Old Bridge Dental Care which emerged as one of the best practices in the nation. While treating patients at his practice, Dr. Weisfogel found out that many of his patients had many symptoms associated with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. As a result, he looked to learn about the best ways to help them treat and eliminate the effects of sleep apnea. Prior to becoming a dentist, Dr. Weisfogel completed dental school as well as earning an undergraduate degree.

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