Kimberly Bakker Gives Advice For The Average Person Out There February 19, 2019


An event is a special time for an individual or the group involved. It is a time celebrate an achievement, a milestone, something sweet, or perhaps it is just a spontaneous occasion. In either case, professional event planner Kimberly Bakker works hard each day to share her love of events with the clients.

Her business is based out of California, where she grew up in a traditional family. It was during this period when the love of bringing people together for a common cause truly blossomed. In a recent Five Hundo article, Bakker gives a series of basic tips for the average person to create an unforgettable experience.

After working in the business for many years, Kimberly Bakker has refined her event planning process to its core components. It all begins with a hand written list covering everything from the steps to the big day, to the food, and even a rough guest list. This acts as a guidepost and reference for the planning process each step of the way. Her core mission to create an event that fully uses all available resources, while staying within the personality of the client in front of her. Get More Information Here.

Once the preparations are complete and the big event is in motion, Kimberly Bakker finds that there are still tiny details the minds of many individuals. Lighting, sound, and object placement are all key factors in encouraging socialization. The attendees are more likely to have meaningful interactions if they feel right at home. The last step is to commemorate the occasion through taking pictures. It can be enjoyable to reflect on the experience many years down the road.

Kimberly Bakker’s career is centered on ensuring her clients have the best experience possible. She believes the host should also be enjoying the event.


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