Anthony Constantinou Is In Expert In Bayesian Networks October 17, 2018


Anthony C. Constantinou is Queen Mary University of London’s Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, Head of the Bayesian AI Lab, as well as a Lecturer in Machine Learning and Data Mining. He was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow from September 2012 to January 2017. While at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, he worked on a Bayesian Network NIHR Project for Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Forensic Psychiatry. He also worked on an ERC project for improving evidence-based decision making at the School of EECS.

Anthony Constantinou was an Associate Consultant from July 2014 to July 2015, and a Decision Scientist from June 2012 to August 2012 for AgenaRisk. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council gave him an internship award. He was a Teaching Assistant from October 2009 to May 2013. He was a Ph.D Researcher from October 2009 to May 2012. During that time, he studied Bayesian Networks for decision making, prediction, and risk assessment. Read This Article for additional information.

He has been a freelance Consultant in Rating Systems and Bayesian Networks since July 2015. Anthony Constantinou collaborates with organizations to help with predictions and decision making under uncertainty for industries like sports betting, economics, finance, gaming, and medicine.

Anthony Constantinou earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and his Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics from the University of Hertfordshire. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Bayesian networks from Queen Mary, University of London in 2012. He was appointed as a Turing Fellow in 2018. He is the Editor of PLoS ONE. He writes about topics like the future of London’s buy-to-let property market in 2017 such as ‘’Learning DAGS with Temporal Information’’ and others. The market trends were simulated using Temporal Bayesian Networks. He was a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard from July 2002 to August 2004.


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The Impressive Career Of Anthony Constantinou October 16, 2018


Anthony Constantinou is a lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. Anthony Constantinou has been working for the University for over 9 years, in various roles. For close to 3 years he has been a Ph.D. researcher, from 2009 to 2012, a teaching assistant from 2009 to 2013, for close to 4 years, and from 2012 to 2017 he has been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for over 4 years.


Since January of 2017, he is working as an Assistant Prof in Machine Learning and Data Mining. Prior to working for the Queen Mary University of London, he has been a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard for over 2 years, from 2002 to 2004. His resume includes his work for AgenaRisk, where he was a Decision Scientist for 3 months, and then later down the line an Associate Consultant for over a year. His work as an Associate Consultant included the usage of Bayesian network technology in order to solve risky problems and also improve decision making processes for the customers around the world across various industry areas. See This Article to learn more.


His website states that he has research interests in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for intelligent decision making and causal discover under uncertainty. Constantinou collaborates with academics as well as industrial organizations across the globe, applying his research to a number of areas, including sports, medicine, economics, finance, and gaming.


The education track record of Anthony Constantinou includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a Master’s of Science in Artificial Intelligence, earned from the University of Hertfordshire, and a Ph.D. earned from Queen Mary University of London. In addition, he holds a number of honors, being ranked at #2 in the international competition “Machine Learning for Soccer”, and a Principal Investigator on an EPSRC Fellowship project.


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