End Citizens United Endorses Cory Booker April 4, 2018

The issue of big money in politics has become one of the most prominent issues in the current political landscape. In 2010 the Supreme Court issued a controversial decree that corporations were entitled to the same legal rights as individuals. This came as a result of the court case known as Citizens United or versus the Federal election commission. Ever since this ruling, there have been efforts to overturn the decision. This is all due to concerns that big money in politics is having undue influence and leading to the corruption of the politicians of our nation. Tiffany Muller has spearheaded the most significant effort to overturn this decision with the founding of her organization End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is one of the largest political action committees found in the North American continent. It is entirely funded through grassroots campaigning mechanisms and has grown to a membership of greater than 3 million individuals since his original inception. Over the course of its history has managed to generate over $50 million in political contributions with an average donation amount of just under $15. This is significant as all of these funds are completely transparent. They have been submitted to the Federal election commission in order to be audited.

End Citizens United has recently endorsed senatorial candidate Cory Booker after his announcement that he would no longer accept corporate political action committee donations. End Citizens United has given insignificant praise after hearing of this pronouncement of corporate donations. End Citizens United is headquartered in Washington DC and is working hand in hand with members of Congress to eliminate the influence of big money on politics. They are aiming to initiate a complete reformation of campaign finance laws by helping to elect members to Congress that are in favor of changing this country’s campaign finance laws.

Tiffany Muller, executive director and president of End Citizens United, has stated that Cory Booker is admirable in his decision to reject corporate political action committee money. This is a quick demonstration of leadership to the American people and that he is willing to be held accountable to the people and not to corporations. It is the hope of End Citizens United that together they can help to end the broken system so that everyone can have an equal voice in our democracy. Corey Booker is just one in a series of recent political candidates that have been turning down money from corporate interests. All over the country, there have been political candidates that are willing to take a stand against the issue of big money in politics. This year End Citizens United is undertaking a significant effort to eliminate the big money 20, a list of individuals who are a part of the problem, during the midterm elections.

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