Boraie Development Contribution to New Brunswick High-end Property Market April 15, 2019

New Brunswick is home to a high-end property market. ‘The Aspire’ is a recent addition to the property market. According to property market commentators, ‘The Aspire’ redefined the market in three ways. First, Boraie Development understood the market needs for efficiency and the property is strategically at the heart of this town. Second, The Aspire answers some fundamental questions such as customized property in this real estate market. Finally, Boraie Development included all the important amenities in this new facility.

Some years back, Boraie Development had another major project. Unlike the project in New Brunswick, this particular project was charity centered. The company was in partnership with a basketball star, and this partnership gave the project a new meaning and authenticity. Shaquille O’Neal points out that working with this organization was instrumental because they were able to achieve a new social facility for the local communities in Newark. In just five months, the project was complete. Fast delivery of projects is now the Boraie Development signature.

Boraie Development is also synonymous with developing unique properties in urban centers. Since the property market is too vast, the management points out that the company has active projects in managing properties around the USA. Also, the company also deals with sales and marketing of different property markets.

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Louis Chenevert on Why You Should Invest In Employees March 8, 2019

Louis Chenevert is an exclusive advisor and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He joined the company in 2006 and had served different roles ever since. He worked for Pratt & Whitney before joining United Technologies. He was the general manager of General Motors for 14 years.

When employers want to improve business operations, they normally consider many things. They consider embracing new technology or outsourcing services. Few businesses consider investing in employees as an important element of success. However, Louis Chenevert, a former President of United Technologies Corporation, thinks otherwise.

Chenevert states that investing in employees is the best thing you can do. This is because you already know to people your employees, so you know their strengths and weaknesses. Some employees could be more efficient if they were supported or motivated. Louis Chenevert recently gave tips that leaders can follow to succeed. Helping employees in weak areas benefit your business. You should not assume that an employee knows what he/she is doing because they qualify for the job.

Assessing employee performance helps you know where to chip in. He states that when you hire someone new, training should be offered. Some business does not offer training because they view it as a loss. However, failure to train employees leads to poor performance and stagnation. To overcome this hurdle, Chenevert advises businesses to have training programs. Offering promotion to your current employees keeps them motivated to work hard. Moreover, it encourages other employees to work hard because they will be promoted.

Chenevert says that firms should not fear to invest in employees because they will reap big. Furthermore, creating a favorable work environment makes employees more productive. Avoid office politics and strive for peace and understanding. Reward hard workers to encourage good performance. Award employees for finishing tasks early motivates them to do better.

If you do not mind investing in employees and developing skills, you can introduce an Employee Scholar Program. They will acquire skills to take your business on another level. Louis Chenevert believes that investing in employees is not a waste of time or resources. Companies that do this have witnessed tremendous success.

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ATS Founder – Robert Deignan March 1, 2019

One of the ways that Robert Deignan is trying to reinvent consumer relationship to technology is to work on strengthening the attention span of those who use technology the most. It must be said that in today’s modern society, it is very hard to be completely divorced from technology and that is certainly not the goal of Robert Deignan. Instead, as stated, he seeks to increase how much time an individual spends on any particular task. From recent studies, consumers attention span had dwindled down from 3 minutes in 2004 all the way down to slightly less than one minute in 2014. This is disconcerting, to say the least. However, the quest of Robert Deignan does not stop there.

He is a big believer in consuming information in a myriad of ways. It is a proven scientific fact that the human brain is quite malleable. Reading using technology trains the brain in a far different manner than it does when reading using more traditional formats. Robert Deignan espouses using as many different forms of information consumption as possible. This will ensure that the brain is being trained in multiple ways, all of them different but all of them beneficial at the same time.

Robert Deignan receommends to not compulsively chek your smartphone, especially while engaged in real-world conversations. This can have very damaging effects not only on the psyche of the person with the phone but also with the people they are conversing with. Use technology during alloted times and make sure that device are shut off while engaging in activities when there is direct human to human contact. Not only will you be much happier and more stress-free but the people around you will be happy as well. You can thank Robert Deignan at a later date.

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Jojo Hedaya Recommends Five More Useful Apps for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs February 27, 2019

Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder and chief operating officer of Unroll.ME – a company that primarily deals with email organization. The company was born out of personal frustration, and consequently, the desire to find a solution. Jojo Hedaya says that his partner, Josh Rosenwald wasn’t responding to his emails. He blames on spam that comes to the inbox in the form of newsletters, updates, and subscriptions.

The email organization tool scrolls through one’s inbox and gathers all subscriptions emails into a single one. This allows the user to go through them in a flip and decide which ones are worth his or her attention. You have the opportunity to unsubscribe or resubscribe with a touch of a button. With Unroll.Me, you can choose when you want the RollUp to arrive in your inbox. The email organization tool is also user-friendly.

Just like other entrepreneurs, Jojo Hedaya uses uses or has used various other apps to manage his activities. On Silicon Canals, he lists five other apps (besides Unroll.Me) that owners of start-ups can rely on. They include;


An instant messaging up, Slack allows the user to channelize conversation depending on their needs. The project team or department may split up the channels. The beauty of the application is that it integrates with other apps such as MailChimp, Google Hangouts, as well as Twitter.


This is the to-go-to app as far as financial management is concerned, especially for small and growing businesses. It puts all your financial accounts in one spot and as such, permitting a quick overview. Business owners can track transactions such as revenue, expenses as well as monthly spending.


Available in both iOS and Android devices, Perka is a useful tool for business owners. It links customers and business owners and makes capturing sales easier for entrepreneurs.


A project management application, Asana ensures efficiency. It organizes tasks for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


It is designed to combine the contacts from your mobile devices and social media accounts with tools such as voicemail, email, and calendar. The objective is to promote context to your phone’s contact.

About Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya studied Philosophy and Business at City University of New York, Brooklyn College between 2010 and 2012. He served as the VP of the Student Government. Apart from his entrepreneurial activities, he enjoys traveling, watching Knicks and spending some quality time with family. Hedaya is married and is a young father of one boy.

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With the introduction of online shopping and technology to businesses, brick-and-mortar retailers are finding it easy to control their businesses and improve the quality of services they offer. By use of smart logistics, smart chain and smart supply the retail business is slowly transforming to the better.


Despite all this, the previous offline market is still in business and is nowhere near collapsing. Many people think that the offline market is dying due to the introduction of online business, but it is only a small portion of businesses that utilize online services. The rest is dominated by offline companies. Over the past years, e-commerce has expanded, but it does not account for more than 15% of companies in China.


Jingdong Mall is the most extensive online retail shop and has been around for over a decade. In those years, it has established relations with other offline companies enabling it to build a logistics network that covers over a billion of the population in China. The system is fast and reliable as it can deliver client’s orders in a day or two of the purchase.


Jingdong is now sharing its diverse abilities and technology with other companies by selling it to them. It is, therefore, contributing to improving the mortar-and-brick retail business. In the past, technology was only there to offer little support to retail businesses, but with the evolution of time, it has become a critical aspect of retail. Any company that incorporates technology to its businesses is considered to be better and more reliable than those that don’t.


Smart consumption enables customers to buy goods from the comfort of their homes or cars. It joins the ideas of both online and offline shopping making it better. Smart consumption also enables a client to test out various items without having to try them on. See This Page for more information.


For example, if one is shopping for home décor, they can test the décor virtually in a home before buying the items. Smart supply has speeded up the process of delivering items to clients. Nowadays it takes twenty-four hours or less for consumers to get their goods due to the use of technology. Jingdong is improving the retail business by use of its technology.


In an article with WSJ, “Chinese Retailer Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service”, Jingdong talked about new package-delivery service will compete with private express carriers in a crowded market in China for parcel transportation. This marks the next step in leveraging the nationwide logistics network that JD has built over the past decade.


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3 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Drone Deliveries February 15, 2019

Many consumption experts have termed e-commerce as the future of trading. In this form of trading, the speed of deliveries is an important factor. Many e-commerce entities have invested in beautiful delivery vans, but for, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall, they have redefined delivery of goods in this market by bringing delivery drones. According to the company’s official communication, 2019 will be a year of better and speedy deliveries, and one of their flagships is drone delivery. One of their first markets to test this brilliant technology is the Indonesian market., which is also known to many as Jingdong Mall, hopes to expand this delivery technique to other markets around Asia. The next phase of drone delivery, according to the management is in China.

Entities can learn a lot from especially from this particular project.

First, Jingdong Mall was keen on involving the relevant authorities in Indonesia. Since drones in the delivery world are relatively new, there was a need for an authoritative assessment by the aviation authority. The main reason for involving the aviation authority from this country was to ensure that the technology does not inconvenience the existing laws in Indonesia. Second, it is a tradition to follow the laws in every innovation and every step. According to the management of this company, this helps the company to serve consumers without unnecessarily legal tussles with authorities. Go To This Page for more information.

Second, worked with different companies and entities in making this project a reality. This approach to new products and technologies ensures that the company gets the best deal from technology. In this particular project, the company worked closely with WEF as well as with other related entities. Working with different companies and entities according to the management team helps the company to actualize aspirations without compromising on technology. Since is not an aviation company, bringing an aviation-related company on board was vital. Jon Liao points out that this gave the company countless benefits primarily on the sustainability aspect of the project.

Finally, working with a sister company, JD.ID will help the Chinese giant make an entry in this new market, which many pundits still refer as the gateway to the vast Asian market. Currently, Jingdong is making major changes in regards to deliveries and technology in this new market.


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No Comments on 3 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Drone Deliveries Makes Waves In The Chinese Market January 11, 2019, or as known by many as Jingdong Mall is different from many of the other retailers in the Chinese market. Instead of focusing on what people can get by looking at the quantities, the company knows what they can do to help people with quality. They spend a lot of time learning about the needs their customers have and that’s important to the company. No matter what issues people have or how they want to shop, they can get more from the options the company offers them. It’s a great way for the company to keep helping people with the shopping options they need.

As Jingdong Mall continues growing, they know they can do things that will make the company better than what people have seen in the past. They also know they’re among the best retailers in China and that’s an important distinction for them to have. While they always push to make sure they can help people, they feel good about giving back and they always focus on how they’re making a big difference for the people who need it.

By looking at all the options the company has and comparing them to what other people use with their businesses, knows what they can do and how they can keep making things better. It’s important for them to show their clients they’re doing everything right. Customers who use get more out of the options they have and that’s what pushes the company to continue succeeding while they’re helping others out with the issues they face. Go To This Page to learn more.

As long as the company continues thriving, they’ll keep coming up with new opportunities for the future. They spend a lot of time giving people what they need while also focusing on changes for the future. It’s a good idea for them to do everything they can for the future. It’s also important for the business to keep helping people while they know what they can get out of the experience they have. Jingdong offers premier shipping options, things for all their customers and a better experience than most people get when they shop at stores that are based out of China.

In a recent’s blog, “Delivering the Future of Shopping”, showcases not only the innovations that enable China’s largest retailer to deliver to customers at staggering speeds all across China via its nationwide logistics network, but also features the latest retail technology, which JD is using to empower other partners, online or offline.


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Jeunesse Global creates breakthrough health drink in Reserve December 14, 2018

For decades, medical science has known that red wine is one of the most heart-healthy drinks on the planet. This knowledge first came into the mainstream in the 1970s, emerging with the first studies on the so-called Mediterranean diet. Scientists were able to determine that people who ate the Mediterranean diet, which consisted of lots of fish, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as red wine, were able to outlive their peer groups by as much as five to 10 years.

But as the Mediterranean diet and its salubrious effects were studied further, it was slowly discovered that one component, red wine, was responsible for the lion’s share of health benefits. This led to a large number of studies concerning the consumption of red wine. It was eventually determined that consuming red wine alone could potentially limit heart-disease risk by a shocking amount. In fact, the heart-disease risk decline associated with red wine consumption was equivalent to a nearly five-year increase in life expectancy. Rarely had any single dietary element been identified that could confer such stunning benefits.

But it turns out that despite these hugely beneficial aspects of red wine consumption, the medical establishment still wasn’t prepared to recommend that people who did not currently consume red wine begin doing so. This was due to the fact that the risks associated with the development of alcoholism are so severe for those who develop the disease that even with a relatively low 10 percent risk of becoming an alcoholic, the adverse effects of alcoholism cancel out the salutary benefits of red wine at the population level.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health brands in the world today, has created Reserve, a health drink that confers all of the benefits of red wine without exposing users to the risks of alcohol consumption.

Reserve makes use of resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants known to man and the main heart-protective ingredient in red wine. Reserve also comes with a large number of other healthy ingredients, including concord grape, pomegranate and acai. All told, it is a great-tasting way to add years to your life.

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) specializes in open source software to improve cloud computing possibilities. At the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon conference held in November this year, they awarded (China’s top eCommerce company), also known by many as Jingdong Mall;  the “Top End User Award”v. As Jingdong heavily uses CNCF products and has worked closely with the foundation to improve those products, this close partnership exemplified how two companies can create something greater than one alone.


With over a trillion images in their product database, providing customers with a top quality experience requires vast amounts of processing power at ever greater speeds. Consequently, Jingdong has partnered with CNCF to use Kubernetes, and currently they have one of the largest Kubernetes clusters worldwide.


This makes sense as they are one of the largest retailers in the world. In order to stay ahead of competition and to continuously improve a customer experience, Jingdong perpetually seeks new technology advancements, especially ones that contribute to big data and AI technologies. One way they have achieved this, has been their close partnership with CNCF, and in April, they became a platinum end user.


This new designation was in recognition of all the work that Jingdong has done in partnership with CNCF. Jingdong has worked on projects such as Vitess, Prometheus, and Kubernetes as well as other projects, in an effort to improve the code. As a customer, Jingdong has benefited directly from working on these projects, especially the Vitess cluster management project. Vitess allows Jingdong to maintain resource flexibility while reducing maintenance and operation costs, which is good for the company’s bottom line. Go Here for related Information.


These mutual beneficial collaborations made Jingdong the obvious choice for the “Top End User Award”. And in the ever changing IT industry, Jingdong Mall and CNCF will continue this mutually beneficial partnership and continue to innovate and improve their technology.


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Jingdong’s Joint Effort To Establish A Blockchain Research Lab November 15, 2018


Jingdong is a leading e-commerce business in China founded by Richard Liu. The company together with Ying Wu College of Computing that is at New Jersey Institute of Technology and the ISCAS, Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to develop a research laboratory that will focus on blockchain technologies. The lab development venture was announced in Beijing during its launching event.


From the information collected, the lab called “Urban Smart Logistics Institute”, will concentrate on providing solutions to stability and efficiency problems that are substantial obstacles blocking the blockchain application in the broader area. The lab will use its resources in exploring new areas in which the technology can be applied including the multi-layer joint research forces into essential research protocols, decentralized security in applications, privacy protection and many more.


The established research lab will be headed by three experienced professionals from the three parties who are Dr. Jian Pei, the head of JD Big Data and Smart Supply Chains, Dr. Qiang Tang from Ying Wu College of Computing Assistant Professor, and Dr. Zhenfeng Zhang who is the senior deputy engineer at ISCAS. Dr. Zhang and Dr. Tang are experienced and chief experts in cryptography and blockchain. See This Article for additional information.


According to Dr. Pei, Jingdong is a senior company utilizing the blockchain technology, and the company is committed to exploring its ability by investing in the expansion of blockchain ecosystems via strategic studies and partnership. The partnership with ISCAS and NJIT will increase their strengths in developing on that cutting-edge technology that deploys too many fields and industries.


Jingdong Mall boasts of more than three hundred million clients and the importance of having blockchain to increase the company’s transparency in delivery and supply chain of their products with safety and high quality in mind. The president of NJIT Dr. Joel S. Bloom was also happy with the partnership that involved a leading e-commerce business and a modern lab that will do detailed research on Blockchain and cybersecurity technologies.


In August, Jingdong opened an open blockchain platform that was useful to customers secure enterprise and used their blockchain apps to conduct more secure, convenient and transparent operation management.


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