Jeunesse Global creates breakthrough health drink in Reserve December 14, 2018

For decades, medical science has known that red wine is one of the most heart-healthy drinks on the planet. This knowledge first came into the mainstream in the 1970s, emerging with the first studies on the so-called Mediterranean diet. Scientists were able to determine that people who ate the Mediterranean diet, which consisted of lots of fish, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as red wine, were able to outlive their peer groups by as much as five to 10 years.

But as the Mediterranean diet and its salubrious effects were studied further, it was slowly discovered that one component, red wine, was responsible for the lion’s share of health benefits. This led to a large number of studies concerning the consumption of red wine. It was eventually determined that consuming red wine alone could potentially limit heart-disease risk by a shocking amount. In fact, the heart-disease risk decline associated with red wine consumption was equivalent to a nearly five-year increase in life expectancy. Rarely had any single dietary element been identified that could confer such stunning benefits.

But it turns out that despite these hugely beneficial aspects of red wine consumption, the medical establishment still wasn’t prepared to recommend that people who did not currently consume red wine begin doing so. This was due to the fact that the risks associated with the development of alcoholism are so severe for those who develop the disease that even with a relatively low 10 percent risk of becoming an alcoholic, the adverse effects of alcoholism cancel out the salutary benefits of red wine at the population level.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health brands in the world today, has created Reserve, a health drink that confers all of the benefits of red wine without exposing users to the risks of alcohol consumption.

Reserve makes use of resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants known to man and the main heart-protective ingredient in red wine. Reserve also comes with a large number of other healthy ingredients, including concord grape, pomegranate and acai. All told, it is a great-tasting way to add years to your life.

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Harvesting the Habanero Pepper with Joel Friant December 8, 2017

Habanero Madness gives an insight into when and how to harvest Habanero pepper. Having an idea of when the papers are ripe is the key to having a successful harvest. Although there are so many types of peppers, it is always good to follow some rule of identifying when the harvesting period is due.

From Habanero Madness’ insight there are some general rules before harvesting pepper. What is of great importance in the first instance is to review the plant information. Similarly, on the information provided on the methods to be used in harvesting the peppers, use of a knife or garden clippers is recommended. It is important as it prevents any damage to the plant.

Another measure that should be considered is protecting hands when collecting pepper, the reason being that the oil can irritate the skin. Similarly, it’s advisable to harvest the peppers during dry seasons to avoid the spread of diseases. One of the criteria for determining whether the peppers are ripe is due to easiness to pull off the plant. Sometimes tiny lines that are brown may form on the peppers. To have a massive harvesting, it’s important to continue harvesting Habanero peppers as soon as they are ripe. Peppers do not do well in cold climate.

The “original” Habanero Shaker is one of the hottest and the most flavorful Chile peppers on earth. The man behind this success is Joel Friant. It was originally introduced 1995. Over the years it had exited the market, but due to the popular demand, the brand is back to the market with the best flavor and outstanding taste. Besides, Habanero alongside the associated brands is among the hottest brands of Chile peppers. Despite the existence of other r peppers in the market, the satisfaction of original Habanero pepper has been made a reality through the support of Joel Friant.

The first Habanero pepper consists of the highest amount of Capsaicin. The Capsaicin triggers the brain cells leading to the production of Endorphins that acts as the natural body pain killers. Joel Friant is a successful billionaire who has greatly invested in the company.

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Robert Thikoll – Focus on Lean Productivity

Robert Thikoll is currently serving as the Vice President of Operations of Ingersoll Rand, a company that works to advance the quality of life by creating environments with efficient sources. Throughout his career, he has been involved in many successful business endeavors. However, Thikoll believes solely in the interaction of human relationships and the details that make an individual successful. With all of the technology and advancements in society today, he believes it’s important to focus on relationships and people.

Thikoll is responsible for the development and commitments affiliated with Ingersoll Rand. He works to promote excellence through a transformation of lean productions and processes. He works proactively with a team of senior executives and coaches to help provide influential benefits, hands-on exercises, and thoughtful leadership. One of their many goals is to provide the implementation of lean programs with strategic objectives.

Thikoll is a firm believer in making the day as productive as possible. A typical day in the life of Mr. Thikoll is busy yet challenging. He believes that people should build their day around their own preference, meaning that if they’re more efficient in the mornings, they should do their best work in the morning. If they’re more productive in the afternoon, they should work more effective then.

Technology is always expanding and advancements are being made daily. Thikoll is excited about the changes in the future and looks forward to being able to implement those processes into his business structure. A habit that he has formed as a successful entrepreneur is the ability to have positive human interactions. He concentrates on helping and mentoring people to help implement leaner processes.

Thikoll has many years of experience working in the industry as he worked for Danaher’s from 2000-2015. He graduated from the Arizona State University of Tempe, Arizona with two degrees in Political Science and Japanese.

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How Avatrade Pioneered the Trading of Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin

Multiple brokers are currently offering Bitcoin trading, it should be noted that this was not true a few years back. Just after bitcoin had got mainstream attention worldwide, many trading brokers didn’t see the need to trade this cryptocurrency as many termed it to be complicated., however, saw something different. Bitcoin, at this time still being a new technology, Avatrade saw its potential of this futuristic currency. Therefore, they added it to the instruments the company was offering day traders to trade on. Since then other brokerage firms have joined in and are now offering Bitcoin trading.

Avatrade was established back in 2006 and has since grown to one of the largest instrument traders in the global market. Other than bitcoins, Avatrade offers its members more than 250 instruments to trade and invest in.

Avatrade adheres to all the financial laws and policies in the regions the company has operations. Some of these areas include London, Japan, New York among many business and economic hubs across the world. Some of the regulators that oversee the operations of Avatrade include The British Virgin Islands Service Commission.

From 2006 to 2012, Avatrade was offering various trading options such as Forex and stocks. 2013 saw the company enlist bitcoins as one of the trading instruments that will be available to its members.

If you are looking to find an excellent broker that has experience in the market plus a reputation that is nothing less than exemplary, look no further than Avatrade. From setting up an account to trading with AvaTrade, the process is easy and straightforward.

After signing up for Avatrade, you can proceed to set up an account that you will use in the trading of instruments such as bitcoins. Additionally, Avatrade offers downloadable software and applications that can be used for trading. AvaTrade’s software is known as the Avatrader.

For individuals who don’t want to opt for the downloaded software, you can still trade on Avatrade using its web-based client. From AvaTrade Review prospective bitcoin traders should invest in Avatrade. Some of the perks of trading on bitcoins with AvaTrade is the bonus rewards each trader occasionally receives.

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Oxford Club: Is Bitcoin A Bubble? December 7, 2017

The Oxford Club is a global investment club that sharpens its trading strategies to consistently beat the overall market averages. It has done so for many years, and this makes what they have to say about any particular investment something that people tend to listen to. Lately, the group has taken on the issue of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin is the crypto-currency that is getting all of the attention and media headlines as of late. This is because it is the largest crypto-currency in the market, and the most used. However, perhaps it does not necessarily deserve all of this praise right now. Yes, the currency has made an enormous climb in value since it was first introduced just years ago. At this point though, the Oxford Club and many others believe that it is overvalued. Sentiment could turn on Bitcoin very rapidly, and those who invest in it now may be in for a major loss on their investment.

While that scenario certainly exists for Bitcoin, this is not to say that the same doom has to happen for every crypto-currency out there. As a matter of fact, there is a possibility that some other crypto-currencies could be a great investment at this point. The trick is to get into the right ones.

The Bitcoin craze has helped to fuel the creation of a new asset class on Wall Street. That asset being crypto-currencies themselves. They were once scoffed at by the Wall Street elites, but now they are rationally considered along with all other types of investments by many Wall Street types. There are still the doubters to be sure, but there are many more who will at least talk about this currency as a potential investment than there were in the past. That is a big step in the right direction for those who believe in the power of crypto-currencies.

Keep an eye on how Bitcoin does going forward. It is so unpredictable that it is not worthwhile to try to bet against it, but it is also not something that many are suggesting you put all of your money in right now either.

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Sitelite Cabinetry; Best for Remodeling of the House

Siteline Cabinetry is a modern company that offers pre-engineered products and services using the current technology. This brand was founded by its parent company-Corsi Group. Corpsi Group, on the other hand, is the leading industry in the United States of America in cabinetry. Siteline Cabinetry is the newest to be opened by the Corpsi Group.

Siteline Cabinetry, as a part of Corpsi Group, deals with many accessories. Siteline Cabinetry offers to the market a competitive price, in more than two hundred and seventy pieces and finished choices. It moreover has many pre-configured cabinets. The uniqueness of the brand is built in the company’s ability to meet with the customers demand at specifications in a four-week lead-time.

In its two years of its existent since its founding, Siteline has changed many homes. One of the main projects that Siteline involves in includes the fully remodeling or partly remodeling of the client’s home. The Siteline can customize its cabinetry to suit the client’s demands. It has modeled bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, closets and the storage area. It is the duty of Sitelite to give all its clients the freedom to decide on the space and the appearance of the space you want. From a variety of the material, you may choose from the size of the cabinetry, color, the style you desire and the material. Siteline has also reduced the response time greatly and by so doing creating convenience.

Many homeowners fear about deciding on whether to give the house a full touch of remodeling or a partial one. This becomes disturbing simply because many of them would love to return to normal daily life as soon as it could be possible. Siteline steps in such matters and makes the remodeling an exciting experience.

The final touch by Sitelite leaves your home with a classy aesthetic appeal besides the other functionality. It works to give the best of the investments you decide on your home. The brand is singled out by the American as the best because they focus the design as per your specification. It conducts the projects right from the beginning to the installation point.

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About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates national who founded and chairs the international property development DAMAC Properties. He is a graduate of Washington University. Hussein started his career in an oil company known as GASCO where he worked as a Contracts Manager. The GASCO Company is a branch of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Later on in the year 1982, he started his own business where he opened a catering venture.


Hussain Sajwani is also seen to be one of the founders of the property market and business expansion in Dubai. During the mid-1990’s Mr. Sajwani built several hotels to handle the massive number of people coming to Emirates to do their businesses. Later in 2002, he saw the business opportunity and decided to start DAMAC Properties. The property development company grew to become one of the biggest companies in the Middle East making the DAMAC owner be known all over the world.


His expertise in property development which involved sales, marketing, finance, and the administration has been able to assist him to be able to manage his company and make it a success. The company has been involved in successful projects in big cities around the United Arab Emirates in International cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman, Beirut, Riyadh, Jeddah, and London. The company has a good record when it comes to the development of luxurious property developments in UAE.


Hussain Sajwani is recognized as a significant and determined businessman and investor. He has a lot of respect in the equity and capital markets because of his successful forays in that sector. Currently, Hussain holds investment portfolios of securities in some of the regional and global markets.One of his flagship investment companies is the DICO Investments Co. LLC. It is a company that is primarily focused on mergers, investments in private firms and acquisitions. In addition to that, the company holds a majority and minority in companies that trade publicly and looks for value propositions in the regional and global investment industry.


Hussain got into a business partnership with Donald Trump in 2013 where they developed golf courses that were Trump-branded. These golf courses include Trump International Golf Courses that was opened in February 2017, and the other golf course was the Trump World Golf Course that was designed by Tiger Woods. Hussain Sajwani also admits that their relationship is not only business oriented as they also share a lot of respect as friends. Hussain Sajwani family is always in talks and still maintain their relationship with the Trump Family.


His Philanthropy with DAMAC

Apart from being business minded, DAMAC has also been seen to take part in charity and philanthropic activities. He donated through his company about 200 million dirhams that would go to providing clothing and warmth to over 50,000 children who are in need. Learn more:


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