Igor Cornelsen’s Advice on Investing In Brazil March 20, 2019

Now retired, Igor Cornelsen was a well-known and accomplished investment banker. His work in the strategy for investing in damaged stocks while at the same time avoiding damaged companies was groundbreaking and key in making a name for himself in the industry. This technique is very useful but should be used carefully when a stock price suffers because of a temporary problem that a corporation is having that can be fixed over time and avoid the companies that are too damaged to actually recover from the crisis. Currently, Igor Cornelsen serves in Bainbridge Investment Inc. as their proprietor and consultant given his many years in the practice.

Despite Brazil being the fifth most populated country in the world, investors were turning their backs on the country because of the economic recession it experienced. Igor Cornelsen however always advocated for investors to invest in Brazil as its economy would stabilize with time. He was confident that the Brazilian market was ripe for investors. Igor has been spotted encouraging investors to make confident investments as confidence is an important trademark of successful individuals. He also encouraged companies to have confidence in their products as no one would invest in a company that didn’t have confidence in their own products.

Igor Cornelsen gave investors advice to make use of when investing in Brazil. He advised investors to connect with people as all enterprises depended on networking. Networking also allowed investors to get advice from the locals who have experience in the local market. He also advised that they prepare for bureaucratic rules that would make it hard to trade in Brazil. He also encouraged investors and entrepreneurs to learn about foreign currency restrictions they would encounter when trading or with Brazil. Igor Cornelsen has during his career guided many entrepreneurs towards making good investment choices.

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