Bruno Fagali- Raising the Brazil Position on Integrity May 12, 2018

Bruno Fagali is well trained and specialized in several areas of law that includes regulatory, administrative and urban with main focus pointing to anti-corruption. In 2016 he opened his law office located in Sao Paulo Brazil. Bruno Fagali provides expertise and advice concerning legal issues on his blog the Fagapress that operates on his Fagali Advocacies official website. He recently touched deeply on matters concerning deep fakes and fake news and stated that phony story had dominated the world for years.

However, the seriousness and harm caused by false news became known to the public during the U.S presidential elections in 2016. Bruno Fagali said that the Brazilian government is committed to combating the urgent issues caused by fake news through TSE through the creating of tools and forms that help in reducing the impact gained through the phony story.

The move is essential especially during the upcoming Brazilian presidential elections and protecting people‚Äôs votes. Bruno stated that during the 2010 general election over 1,200 bots with fake news were detected placing manipulative and false content online. Another more significant issue is deep fakes that are a phony video manipulated through the technology computer graphic making them look real and hard to detect. According to research by Fagali, even people who are not technical savvy can quickly create a fake video with online tools easy to use allowing putting any person’s face and making them part of the false news and more

Bruno Fagali is famous for dealing with matters concerning public contracts and both private and public corporate integrity. He deals with scandals that offer dubious agreements to individuals by voting for transparency drive and integrity campaign through his Law firm Fagali Advocacy. Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager of the Nova/sb known as the leading Brazilian advertisement agency.

Bruno Fagali has decades of skills and high knowledge with various legal solutions specializing in the corporate sector. He attended University of Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic specializing in Administrative Law and later completed his Masters in State Progress Law. His career took him working in prestigious law firms and then started Fagali Law firm offering expert services in Litigation, Compliance and Public Law.

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