The Results Of Richard Liu Qiangdong April 2, 2019


Richard Liu Qiangdong, founder, owner, and CEO of the Chinese e-commerce giant, is estimated to be worth about $12 billion. Today this massive company has around 100 million active loyal customers. Qiangdong first entered adult life by earning a degree in Sociology from The Peoples’ University of China. It was while taking the classes for his degree that he also taught himself computer coding. Immediately after college he became employed by Japan Life. In 1998 he left his position as Director of Computers with Japan Life to begin his entrepreneurial career.


Richard Liu rented some retail space in Beijing where he opened a small store that sold magneto-optical products. He named this store Jingdong. The store was almost immediately a huge success because it was known for only selling authorized products, something rare among Chinese technology stores at that time. His products became well known for their top quality. As a result in just five years, he owned 12 profitable stores. This was also something very rare among Chinese stores who for the first several years did not really see much profitability. Read This Article to learn more.


It was during its fifth years (2003) that things went downhill for the entire Chinese marketplace. It was during that year that the company saw the SARS outbreak which forced many shoppers to stay inside as much as possible. As a result, many stores went under. Liu saved his business by reinventing it and taking it online. The original name for this online version was 360Buy Jingdong. However, he eventually settled on He spent years perfecting its customer service and website interface. Today the JD experience is so streamlined that any shopper no matter how inexperienced can easily handle it.


He also quickly began offering more and more types of items on his site. He did this by forming many partnerships with vendors from other industries. Richard has even formed partnerships with Walmart and Google. Today it is considered the Amazon of China. It is proud of the fact that it has the full capability of delivering to anywhere in China no matter how remote.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Contributions To Jingdong Company March 4, 2019


Richard Liu is a prominent businessman living in China; he is also the founder of Jingdong company created in 1998. Previously Richard Liu worked at Japan life company as the director for both the business and computers. He is a graduate from the University of China as well as the China Europe International Business School where he earned his degree in Sociology and EMBA respectively. While still at the University Richard Liu established a restaurant business, but due to inadequate time to manage the company it did not excel; he did not give up later he started earning income from freelance coding work.


Jingdong was named after the combination of the last names of Richard Liu and that of his girlfriend. As an entrepreneur, Liu understood the gap in the market and decided to distribute only authorized magneto-optical products competing in a healthy way with other companies that produced counterfeit products. Liu believed that the customers are the backbone of any company; therefore, all his employees were inspired to provide the best standard services. The company expanded establishing more stores. Find Related Information Here.


When SARS struck, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to close the 12 stores and venture to online selling business by launching The company has more than 500 logistics and delivers products to various parts of the globe. Richard Liu is the CEO hence has the mandate to make significant decisions on technology, organizations, and expansion of the company. He wrote on the wall that the company’s target is to be number one across the globe. Richard Liu has adopted advanced technology including the use of drones and Robots to deliver goods to the clients. In Beijing, ordered products are produced within three hours; therefore, the delivery process of J.D. is reliable.


When J.D partnered with WeChat company the number of active users increased, and it was traded publicly in NASDAQ hence gaining popularity across the globe. Over the years more than 160, 000 employees are working at J.D. in addition to the professional life Richard Liu is a prominent philanthropist funding several charitable organizations he is also a loving father of two.




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JD.Com Explores The Use Of Drones In Package Delivery February 28, 2019

Being a giant in electronic sales, the Chinese company Jingdong Mall has resolved to partner with Rakuten to facilitate robotic deliveries. The unmanned deliveries are expected to boost Jingdong’s proceeds in the wake of technology. The Chinese retailer is to explore these delivery solutions across Japan.

The Chinese entity is to explore its expertise in drone development and robotic deliveries while Rakuten delivers its operational services, for instance, in enthusiastic app development. Rakuten’s experience in delivery services runs from 2016, with involvement with locals and cooperate entities.

The Managing Director at Rakuten acknowledged the prowess of Jingdong Mall, which is also known as Jingdong Mall and its rooted establishment across China. He stated that exploring their drones and delivery robots would allow optimization of Rakuten’s solutions. Jingdong enjoys a year of expertise in deliveries, with its first delivery to rural China in 2016. aerial vans have about 400,000 flight minutes so far.

Innovation and convenience is at the heart of the collaboration. Launching the program would enable the accessibility of Japan’s rural areas. Such regions were initially dimmed remote. Combining technology from the Jingdong and Rakuten would also bring in technical know-how from both companies steering creativity and innovation. The flight factor is also convenient for both companies and their clients owing to speeds.

The government of Indonesia approved Jingdong’s first drone test at the onset of 2019.This stride set ground for the use of delivery bots in Asia. Such bots are however a common phenomenon in Chinese urban areas, with the highest numbers around offices and institutions of higher learning. The launching of smart stations has improved speed delivery speeds and convenience for China’s population.

The Chinese retailer has a logistics lab, JD-X, which has been operational for close to two years. The lab’s president. Jun Xiao, states that using delivery drones and unmanned robots in China is instrumental in improving logistics affordability and accessibility. See This Page for more information

Exploring the inaccessible areas in the mountainous Japan would certainly improve the quality of life is such areas as remote islands as well provide emergency solutions. The advancement and commercialization of autonomous delivery solutions from Rakuten is at the core of the collaboration.



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