Talkspace Benefits Michael Phelps and You October 30, 2018

Olympic gold medalist, and American icon Michael Phelps recently partnered with online therapy provider Talkspace to mount a television campaign centering on the stigma of mental illness. Talkspace is a digital provider for mental illness: the Talkspace app matches a prospective customer to a licensed therapist though digital connection for computer, tablet, smart phone or other chat options. Phelps has been open about his history of depression and wants to share his Talkspace partnership success globally. Both parties are committed to spreading awareness of the common mental ailment which is easily diagnosed, treated and monitored successfully within the United States. Phelps joined the company’s board of advisers to help direct ongoing strategy and implementation activity. “[Phelp’s] deep knowledge of the mental health advocacy world, as well as his commitment to data-driven improvements in the field, will be invaluable to the Talkspace Advisory Board as we work to make Talkspace a key part of how people manage their mental health,” Talkspace CEO Oren Frank said in a statement.

Depression can happen to anyone. Talkspace has proven success with an on-demand digital platform customized for a mobile client base. An initial free consultation builds to therapist match within a secure chat room setting with all privacy factors set. Contract agreements are generally set for therapist participation at 1-2 times/daily. Barriers for stigma and public interaction are erased through application. Prospective clients desire that one-on-one classic therapist environment, and Talkspace was in fact designed and implemented to further that mission goal. Weekly app fees approach $49/per week billed monthly – a price in fact lower than traditional service insurance co-pay.

The Talkspace roster supports 1000 licensed therapists specializing in issues for:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • domestic violence
  • PTSD
  • phobia
  • chronic illness
  • general work-life issues

Prospective clients are encouraged to visit the Talkspace website for information and assistance.

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