Dan Bethelmy-Rada Has Achieved So Much At Such A Young Age March 18, 2019

In 2015 Dan Bethelmy-Rada took on the role of Global Brand President in the L’Oreal Professional Products Division. He is only 40 years old, but he already has 15 years experience in the industry with various companies.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has a global outlook on his life and work. He has lived around the world having spent time in his native Venezuela, Paris, and the United States. His work means that he continues to travel around the world meeting clients and promoting the L’Oreal brand. He uses that travel for his hobby of photography. He takes photos to capture the beauty around the world. It has taught him that beauty comes in a variety of forms. There is a danger that people associate beauty with one concept, but he tries to find it in places that one might not expect it.

At such a young age, Dan Bethelmy-Rada can still look back at his life so far and reflect. He loves his work, but he also knows the importance of spending time with his family. With two young children, he knows the value of time spent with them. A trend that he sees as important moving forward with the company is the continued use of social media. He knows that it does not only work in one direction. It is a great way to promote L’Oreal products, but it also a way for him to see things that are happening around the world. See This Page for more information

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is also proud of the philanthropic work that he has been able to do. Bethelmy-Rada has worked with many groups including diversity initiatives, LBGQT+ organizations and charities that help refugees. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal has achieved so much at such a young age, and he knows that he has to enjoy every day and the challenges that they bring.



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