Jed McCaleb Offers His Insights on the Future of Cryptocurrency February 2, 2018

Since bursting onto the online scene in the early part of the last decade with companies such as eDonkey, one of the first file-sharing services of its kind, and Mt. Gox, and early contributor to the Bitcoin exchange craze currently sweeping the nation, Jed McCaleb has been an active participant in the online community. During a recent interview, Mr. McCaleb sat down to discuss the trajectory of his latest online iteration, “Stellar,” as well as his daily routine, and the future prospects associated with artificial intelligence.

It was Jed McCaleb’s initial interest in cryptocurrency that led him to discover that by utilizing its underlying concept, the fact that it is merely a distributed database, that he could help to solve a problem that has long affected a large portion of the world’s population. Upon realizing that over two billion people around the world are unbanked, he could create a financial network that would help to connect this population with credible financial institutions. Under the current conditions, many of the world’s traditional financial institutions are not able to service people with low-income due to the high maintenance costs, as well as the large fees that they, themselves will be charged. Mr. McCaleb is already helping to change this situation, as several reputable non-profit organizations and business have begun using Stellar by incorporating it into their financial fundament. The Praekelt Foundation, based in South Africa, is one of the leading nonprofit organizations to already take advantage of the services available with Stellar, intermixing it with their app, Vumi.

When taking a break from building and improving Stellar, Jed McCaleb focuses a large portion of his time participating in the development of artificial intelligence. He recently partnered up with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, acting as an advisor, in helping to develop groundbreaking advancements regarding the technology. When discussing the future of the artificial technology, he stated that he believes it will have a profound effect on the world’s population, making it exponentially more efficient. His excitement about the future of artificial intelligence is one steeped in logic, as he also recognizes that the power associated with this new tech is also one that should be catered too cautiously.

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The Oxford Club And Fund Managers

They don’t see eye to eye, and that is being kind. There is advice from The Oxford Club being given about fund managers and the fee’s they charge investors. Just like any other industry, you will have the bad elements mixed in with the good. In the finance world though that balance is off-kilter.

There are way too many managers willing to charge fee’s that are more than what an investor should pay. That charge is one where the investor could have made money on an investment had it not been for the fee charged by the manager of said investment.

There is a lot to be said then for performing due diligence in learning what it is a fund manager does. You do not have to go to school for four years to learn this trade. Performing the right studies for a year or two would be necessary, but if you learn the formula’s, how the market works and which asset classes are equal to Blue Chip stocks, then you won’t have to pay those fee’s.

This is all about the investor making money, not a fund manager making money off of your potential profits, and then him or her saying that your class under-performed the speculations. If you can handle investments like mutual funds in a 401k, it is not too big of a leap to handle your stock market investments/trades.

Hats off to The Oxford Club for shining a light in that darkness. The world needs more savvy investors to help keep the market moving at a pace representative of the people playing it.

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The Experienced Carlos Luis Trabuco Triumph In Bradesco Company August 26, 2017

In a company that has always been leading in the banking world, taking the second position will always have negative effects. Bradesco, the current second largest bank in Brazil suffered their worst times when Itau Unibasco stripped them off their long retained title. As a result, the company’s board of directors decided to appoint a new leader to propel the company to its previous position. After careful consideration of a worthy opponent, it was found that Carlos Luis Trabuco Cappi was a worthy candidate for the job. His involvement in major strategic sectors such as pension and finance sectors enabled him to be a fit candidate.

About Carlos Luis Trabuco

Carlos was born in the year 1949 in Merilla, Brazil. The humble and simple banker is an alumnus of Sao Paulo University. Unlike his colleagues who studied degrees in finance and accounting, Trabuco studied philosophy. Nevertheless, Trabuco decided to apply for a job in the newly launched bank in his hometown. Luckily, he secured a position as a clerk in the newly launched Bradesco Company. Amador Aguiar launched the company in the year 1960’s. Under his leadership, Trabuco acquired banking skills that would suit him in his career journey in the banking world.

Two years later, Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to shift to the company’s headquarters based in San Paulo. In the company’s headquarters, Trabuco continued with his good work and secured a spot as the marketing director. He furthered his career goals by achieving yet another spot as the executive director and president of the company’s private pension company between the year 1992 and 1998. Trabuco served in the pension company for a six-year period where he acquired some of the critical skills required for the executive president position.

By the year 1999, Trabuco was appointed the new executive vice president and later on the president of the Bradesco’s insurance company.

The 57-year-old banker journey to success provided him with an approximately 40 years of experience. His experience in Bradesco Company and involvement in strategic sectors contributed to his recent appointment as the new executive president. Trabuco replaced Marcio Cypriano whose position had expired due to the company’s age limit. Additionally, although he was exiting the company’s leadership position, Marcio had achieved a significantly good record. Under his leadership, Marcio had managed to multiply the company’s market value from $ 5 billion to $ 30 billion dollars.

Although Trabuco attained the position as the executive president, his job at Bradesco Company was not going to be a walk in the park. This is because the company was experiencing a drop in performance due to the presence of a new competitor in the banking sector. Itau Unibanco, a new bank in the financial sector, had not only surpassed them as the financial leaders but had managed to bypass them in asset ownership. With an intention to being a multinational bank, Itau Unibanco purchased majority of the medium and smaller banks in Brazil, which heavily impacted Bradesco company’s performance. However, the new president was reported to be making plans in the acquisition of more than additional two hundred branches.

Analysts revealed that although Bradesco had lost their position as the leading bank in Brazil, Trabuco was capable of propelling the company to its former glory. Further, due to his good performance in the company’s strategic sectors Trabuco was named to be a worthy candidate for the company’s role of leadership. Maintaining a stiff competition was always the experienced banker’s means of success. For this reason, Bradesco’s board of directors believed Trabuco would lead the company to their desired position.


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