Classic and Modern: Richard Mishaan Design August 2, 2017

Richard Mishaan Design, of New York, New York, bring a modern vibe to his collections. He mixes classic furniture designs, made of high quality materials of course, and brings them new life by pairing with modern art. Bright colors contrast dark shades to bring subtle style to each space. Richard Mishaan Design brings influence from his Columbia origins,childhood in Italy, and his urban experience in the Big Apple. He has written two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, both chocked full of insider tips plus artsy photos of his work. Richard Mishaan Design also owns Homer Design, both feature furniture designed by the owner himself.


When considering a favorite of Richard Mishaan Design would be difficult but if it came down to it I’d select the Amagansett Retreat. Bare wood walls are left to speak for themselves and only enhanced by outdoorsy paintings. The furniture in each room is cozy and mismatched for the ultimate comforting appeal. You walk into this house and are ready to relax. There’s no stiff, stylish furniture that are all looks but uncomfortable for actual usage, instead, each piece was carefully selected to be functional. Rich browns, subtle beiges, and soft whites flow together to give this getaway destination a beachy feel. Pops of color appear in each space proving just another layer of personality. Richard Mishaan Design offers a complete portfolio to give the masses just a peak into the mind of a design genius. Each home is different and treated differently to respect the geographical location and intended use. Check out his work for the full experience.

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