Betsy DeVos: Believing the Children of America July 11, 2018

Most individuals and the United States have gone through an education system of sorts. It is entirely possible that each of them had a varied experience and learned things differently. The lessons that they were taught throughout their time within the system are still things that they carry with them today. For people of older generations, the thrill of education was not always guaranteed. Many children were taken out of school to work and help provide for the family, that is not something that is required of them today. The climate of today’s society is that learning should be an immersive experience that children are able to build on for years to come. Learning has taken a front seat to many other portions of society. The problem is that the public-school system has not updated to help accommodate this new standard of learning. While they are still in the business of putting out tests to determine if children are receiving this type of education that they need, they are not helping children discern the building blocks necessary to create a good system.


Betsy DeVos has always used the position that she has been dull in life to help better society. She has established many foundations and scholarship funds to ease the burden of good education for students that would not normally be able to attend private schools. Private schools have always been the gold standard of education, but many parents are not able to afford them. In order to enroll their students in these programs, they are often put in positions where they must give up many essential items in their everyday life. Parents are in situations where they must struggle to keep their children the systems for years. Betsy DeVos explains to her interviewer and Philanthropy that one of the biggest reasons why she got into education is because she saw how passionate these parents were about obtaining a better life for their children through superb education.


She wants all parents to feel empowered to do this for their children. The notion of school choice is not something that should be shied away from her look down on, instead parents should feel as though they can give their children this increased standard of education. Betsy DeVos wants students to be able to enjoy the public-school system, but she is also willing to admit that it needs a change in order to be as viable as these alternative options. She wants parents to have more options in the meantime. This is why she is fighting for public funding for these institutions, making it possible for lower-income individuals to gain the education that they need. She is also a huge proponent of school vouchers and other types of scholarship opportunities that would make it possible for the students to enroll. She may see some pushback on her ideas, but that is from people who still believe in the public-school system. She might believe in the public-school system, but she also believes in the children of America and she wants and has the resources that they need.


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