Article Title: Jana Messerschmidt; the Investor Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners May 13, 2019

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Jana Messerschmidt is one of the three members joining the team in the Lightspeed company. Jana lightspeed has an outstanding record. Her accomplishments exude an unimaginable amount of strength and energy. The various top roles that she has held in several top companies and the experience she has gained put her on the spotlight. She is indispensible and very valuable. She is the founder of the #ANGELS Company.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

According to crunchbase, Lightspeed venture Partners was found in the year 2000 and it is based in Menlo Park in Carlifornia. It has offices in China, India and even Israel. It is a venture capital firm that deals with startup companies that are in various early stages of growth. It provides debt-financing to these companies. It also invests in sectors such as bitcoin, enterprise technology, cleantech, cloud solutions among others.

Messerschmidt Education and Career

She was admitted into the University of Illinois at Urbana to pursue Computer Engineering where she graduated in the year 2001. In 2005, she joined DivX firm where she was the senior manager accounts for two years. She moved to SmartDrive Systems and became Director Strategic Accounts for another two years. For the next two years, she joined Netflix where she became Director in charge of Business Development after which she moved to Twitter in November 2010. In Twitter, she was the Vice President, Global Business Development & Platform where she was in charge of more than 150 persons. The team was responsible for Twitter’s global strategic partnerships.

Jana Lightspeed has a passion for women and she is determined to see women lead in organizations. She therefore founded a company known as #ANGELS in 2015 that has a vision to elevate women and empower them to successfully start businesses. Jana has been able to invest in more than 50 upcoming companies such as CAMEO and BIRD. The experience that she has in investment industry puts her at the advantage in the team consumer investing team created at Lightspeed Venture Capitals.


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