Betsy DeVos: Believing the Children of America July 11, 2018

Most individuals and the United States have gone through an education system of sorts. It is entirely possible that each of them had a varied experience and learned things differently. The lessons that they were taught throughout their time within the system are still things that they carry with them today. For people of older generations, the thrill of education was not always guaranteed. Many children were taken out of school to work and help provide for the family, that is not something that is required of them today. The climate of today’s society is that learning should be an immersive experience that children are able to build on for years to come. Learning has taken a front seat to many other portions of society. The problem is that the public-school system has not updated to help accommodate this new standard of learning. While they are still in the business of putting out tests to determine if children are receiving this type of education that they need, they are not helping children discern the building blocks necessary to create a good system.


Betsy DeVos has always used the position that she has been dull in life to help better society. She has established many foundations and scholarship funds to ease the burden of good education for students that would not normally be able to attend private schools. Private schools have always been the gold standard of education, but many parents are not able to afford them. In order to enroll their students in these programs, they are often put in positions where they must give up many essential items in their everyday life. Parents are in situations where they must struggle to keep their children the systems for years. Betsy DeVos explains to her interviewer and Philanthropy that one of the biggest reasons why she got into education is because she saw how passionate these parents were about obtaining a better life for their children through superb education.


She wants all parents to feel empowered to do this for their children. The notion of school choice is not something that should be shied away from her look down on, instead parents should feel as though they can give their children this increased standard of education. Betsy DeVos wants students to be able to enjoy the public-school system, but she is also willing to admit that it needs a change in order to be as viable as these alternative options. She wants parents to have more options in the meantime. This is why she is fighting for public funding for these institutions, making it possible for lower-income individuals to gain the education that they need. She is also a huge proponent of school vouchers and other types of scholarship opportunities that would make it possible for the students to enroll. She may see some pushback on her ideas, but that is from people who still believe in the public-school system. She might believe in the public-school system, but she also believes in the children of America and she wants and has the resources that they need.


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How Alex Pall Formed The Chainsmokers July 2, 2018

Alex Pall always knew his calling. He had a dream of creating and performing good music that had feeling and heart. He began djing as a young child. What started out as a fun hobby for the aspiring dj has developed into one of today’s biggest music groups.

When Alex Pall first began working as a dj in New York City, it was a more of side gig. He was passionate and had fun with it. He ended up working for an art gallery. While working at the art gallery, he saw that his true passion was dance music. He knew being in New York City was the best place to make his dream come true. So, he decided this time he would go after his dream and turn it into a success. That is exactly what he did.

The Chainsmokers’s manager today first began working with Alex when he was aiming to jumpstart his career. The manager introduced him to Drew. Instantly, they clicked for having similar tastes and desires for music. Soon after, they began working together. Drew made the big decision of moving down from Maine. Alex ended his job at the art gallery. They formed The Chainsmokers.

Together, Alex and Drew were a valuable asset. Drew was in college before he joined Alex to start The Chainsmokers. But like Alex, he also had a passion for working as a dj. Electronic music fascinated him way before it became a huge trend like it is today. Alex has always been one to make music and been involved on the production side of music. His producing skills along with Alex’s skills have really transformed the dance music scene. He started seeing others getting booked around New York City and was encouraged to upload songs to Soundcloud and take his shot at becoming a professional dj.

Drew began making music with Alex in his apartment the next day after meeting each other. They have come a long way from making music in an apartment to making Billboard hits. They are a true example of what it is to succeed.

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Betsy DeVos and Level-Headedness June 13, 2018

Betsy DeVos functions as the Education Secretary for one of the biggest nations in the entire world. That nation is none other than the enormous United States of America. It’s not a responsibility she thinks is a joke, either. It’s a job she’s been poised to tackle forever. This Michigan gal was named Elisabeth Prince at birth. It didn’t take her long to come into her own. She was already a major political advocate by the time her college experience rolled around. She was a fervent activist while in attendance at Calvin College. Anyone who saw her there wouldn’t be shocked to view the outcome of her career and life overall.


DeVos is essentially one of President Donald Trump’s colleagues. He has an administration that’s full of people who are part of many different fields. She covers the educational aspects of his team without a hint of a problem. President Trump seeks her guidance regarding all sorts of topics that involve schooling systems in America. She never doesn’t have an answer for him, either. This lady is a meticulous figure who thinks everything through carefully. She’s never been one to give impulsive responses to anything. She’s never been one to be spontaneous in a careless way. That may have contributed to President Trump’s big decision to give her such a major honor.


People who see DeVos around President Trump understand that they have a harmonious working relationship. They should never make any guesses about this work interaction, however. President Trump doesn’t question himself before making statements that reflect his innermost thoughts. He has thoughts that run the gamut. He talks to people around the world about his beliefs regarding education, transgendered students and the like. People should make no mistake. They should realize that DeVos likes to think in an independent and intuitive manner no matter what. Her concepts regarding life, politics, education and more are distinctively hers. She doesn’t get ideas from the people who surround her on a daily basis. She derives ideas from tangible “real life” experiences.


DeVos likes to promote educational choice. She’s been promoting the subject for what most people would consider ages. She likes talking positively about charter schools located in the United States as well. She went down to Miami, Florida in 2018 to talk about charter schools and how they function in America. She wasn’t the only familiar face to show up at the event, either. Rapper Pitbull was proud to express his thoughts at the event, too. DeVos collaborates with all sorts of individuals who have thoughts that match hers well. It’s something she’ll continue to do for a long time.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been doing positive things for people all throughout United States communities since the finale of the eighties. The married couple created the charity group in 1989. They employ it any time they set up charitable donations. Their varied and plentiful donations go toward a broad array of causes ranging from learning to culture.


To learn more, visit

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The Chainsmokers plan to stay in the top of the Billboards in 2018 June 11, 2018

Production duo, The Chainsmokers, composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, first made headlines, with their first single “Roses” lunched in 2015.


The duo of Pall and Taggart, has gotten a tremendous momentum, ever since their first single roses, and without showing any signs of slowing down.

Attracting their audience, with their catchy indie/pop genre, that sounds great in the car, as it does in the hottest Miami clubs.


The duo has made it to the top and plan on keeping it like that, at least it seams that way, they have managed to keep our attentions, with a great team and amazing marketing strategy, that allows us to hear the great music that the duo is creating as they are making it.


The Chainsmokers plan, for their, 2018 album, is to release a single, every month, until their 12 count album is completed, this outside the box, way of thinking will keep the duo fresh in peoples minds, creating a buzz until the full album release and completion.

in January 2018, the release of their first single of the year, “Sick Boy” with a new darker look, made the top 40’s in the Billboard Charts.


In Febuary “You Owe Me” dropped, followed up, by March release of “Everybody Hates Me” in the top 100 in the Billboards.


in April “Somebody” with the first featuring so far for this album,the collaboration of The Chainsmokers and Drew love gave the album a different side of it so far, with the vocals of Drew Love and his R&B twist, giving a lighter vibe, that keeps the audience wondering whats next and fans wanting more.

The Chainsmokers tour will start the summer in June 7 2018, with their first show starting in Japan and ending in October 20 2018, in Monterrey, Mexico, with a total of 40 concerts in all parts of the world.

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Taking a Look at the Life of Anil Chaturvedi.

Anil Chaturvedi is a graduate of Meerut University where he specialized in Economics. He graduated in 1971. He then joined Delhi University to advance his education. Due to his skills, he has been offered top-level positions in various organizations. At the State Bank of India, he was in-charge of one of their branches. He was tasked with the long-term planning of the bank. His performance at the bank earned him an award. He enabled the bank to increase its customer base and the total revenue. Currently, he holds the position of a managing director at Hinduja Bank since 2011. He has worked in the banking industry for four decades. Some of his specialty areas include private and investment banking. He also serves as a consultant for various financial institutions. One of his primary focus is to foster trade between India and Europe.

He has helped organizations in their mergers and acquisitions in various countries. One of his key achievements is in assisting many firms to raise capital for their expansion plans. In 1993, he was appointed as the managing director of Merrill Lynch where he served for more than ten years. Anil Chaturvedi has developed effective investment strategies that have enabled many firms to perform well. He offers wealth management advice to various multi-national companies around the world. He is passionate about helping people to attain their full potential. He does that through the Circle of Champions where he is a member. He served as the vice president of ANZ Grindlays Bank that is based in New York for two years.

At Grindlays Bank, he was tasked with developing good marketing and regulatory policies. He has excellent marketing skills and this enabled him to improve the financial performance of the firm. According to some panelists, the attractiveness of India as an investment destination had improved over the years. According to them, there is a lot of viable opportunities that entrepreneurs could benefit from. According to statistics, the number of e-commerce portfolios in India has increased over time. The panelists pointed out that the platforms have a potential to make a significant impact on the local economy.

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Get A Better Butt Lift in Dallas, Texas May 25, 2018

Butt lifts are all the rage these days and for good reasons. This invasive-medical procedure is designed to give individuals a perkier, more toned backside. The Brazilian butt lift is the more popular version of this procedure. It gets its name from the curvaceous backsides of the Brazilian women. This particular procedure will generally cost in the range of $3,000 – $12,000. Of course, there could be other contributing factors that can increase or decrease the overall price. The Traditional butt lift is more so for people who are looking to shed a few inches away from the bum. This particular procedure will be for the removal of fat layers and for the removal of large amounts of skin. Traditional butt lifts can cost in the range of $4,000 – $15,000.


If you’ve ever been to Dallas, Texas, then you’ve probably noticed all of the medical facilities here. This city has a large number of plastic surgeons who specializes in butt lift surgery. One of the better choices for this medical procedure is Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas. This institution has certified clinicians that possesses extreme knowledge in butt lift surgery. Achieving your aesthetic desires is a certainty and Dr. Natan Yaker has been in the business since 1985. Dr. Yaker is known as one of the top plastic surgeons in the area and this institution uses some of the most advanced treatments.


Before anyone can proceed with this service, individuals should consult with multiple plastic surgeons because all aren’t the same. Be sure to ask a lot questions and try finding the best candidate that matches your needs. In most cases, butt lift surgery can come with payment plans, which will drastically make things more affordable on your budget.


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Vinod Gupta, Wonderful Businessman!

Vinod Gupta is a businessman from India. Gupta is very respected by many entrepreneurs nationwide because of his work ethic. Vinod’s career began when he was a young adult. He opened his first company by using a $100 loan from the bank. Years after investing in his company, Vinod Gupta was able to make a huge profit and sale his company for $680 million.


As of today, Vinod Gupta owns several companies. One of his most popular companies is Everest Group, an investment firm. Everest Group provides loans to businesses who are in need. The company also provides loans to companies specializing in information technology.


Since becoming an entrepreneur, Vinod has constantly giving back to India. Vinod is a strong philanthropist to his country. He provides resources and funding to schools in India. In addition, he has hired several people to work for his company who are from less fortunate populations. A few years ago, Vinod received recognition from President Bill Clinton, former American president, for his philanthropy.


In a recent interview, Vinod revealed where the idea of his first company came from. He informed the public that he began working as a marketing research professional after graduating college. While he was working in this position, he quickly realized that there was a huge demand for direct business transactions. After developing a strong understanding for the industry, Vinod decided to open his own company, InfoGROUP. InfoGROUP’s goal is to acquire other companies to grow wealth.


Vinod Gupta wants newer entrepreneurs to know that they will make mistakes throughout the time of their journey. Vinod’s advice to new entrepreneurs is to take risks when it comes to business and funding decisions. Vinod unexpectedly started his first million-dollar company with just $100. He advises the public to follow their dreams and remember to always live in the now, not the future! See This Page to learn more.


More on


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Betsy DeVos Maintains Professionalism but Will Hold her Ground May 14, 2018

Betsy DeVos met with a representative for transgender and gay employees at the Education Department to warn that President Trump was going to rescind the policy that allowed transgender students to use the restroom that matched the gender they identified with. Although Ms. DeVos was in opposition of President Trump’s decision, she maintained professionalism during the announcement.


Although Ms. DeVos efforts to keep the policy in place failed, she is known in her home state to be a political fighter. Ms. DeVos came to Washington with no official experience inside the government, and the department she came to was primarily vacant in high ranking positions. She was in support of transgender restroom access in the public schools, but her opponent was Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions has decades of experience in Washington politics, and he is also known to have close ties to President Trump.


Ms. DeVos lost the argument for transgender bathroom access in public schools, but her supporters and critics expect her to succeed once she is accustomed to Washington politics. When Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, was asked about Ms. DeVos, he stated “There is a real tendency to underestimate her. She comes across as personable, plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.” Ms. DeVos was voted into her position with a 51-50 vote, and Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaking vote.


One of her first moves in her new position was considered a smart one. She reached out to leaders from two major teachers unions. As a result, Ms. DeVos and Ms. Weingarten (from the National Education Association) are planning to visit schools together in the near future.


Ms. DeVos has recently faced criticism about her ideas for educational change. Although critics feel taking money from the public school system is the wrong move, Ms. DeVos feels the competition with charter schools will force the public school system to make necessary improvements. Although critics feel this will cause a decline in the quality of education among public school students, supporters believe it will give underprivileged children the opportunity to attend religious or charter schools through vouchers created with funds that were taken from the public school system.


When Ms. DeVos was asked how she feels about her critics, she stated “The media has had its fun with me, and that’s O.K.” According to those close to Ms. DeVos, she does get annoyed when she is perceived as an idiot, but she shrugs off criticism and has even made a joke about it during a meeting with the Education Department.


Ms. DeVos was raised in the Christian Reform Church in Holland, Michigan. Ms. DeVos attended Calvin College, which is a Christian school located close to Grand Rapids. She is married to Dick DeVos, and the couple have four children together. The couple has supported a wide range of conservative, religious, and political causes. In addition, Ms. DeVos served as the Republican National Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997.


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Bruno Fagali- Raising the Brazil Position on Integrity May 12, 2018

Bruno Fagali is well trained and specialized in several areas of law that includes regulatory, administrative and urban with main focus pointing to anti-corruption. In 2016 he opened his law office located in Sao Paulo Brazil. Bruno Fagali provides expertise and advice concerning legal issues on his blog the Fagapress that operates on his Fagali Advocacies official website. He recently touched deeply on matters concerning deep fakes and fake news and stated that phony story had dominated the world for years.

However, the seriousness and harm caused by false news became known to the public during the U.S presidential elections in 2016. Bruno Fagali said that the Brazilian government is committed to combating the urgent issues caused by fake news through TSE through the creating of tools and forms that help in reducing the impact gained through the phony story.

The move is essential especially during the upcoming Brazilian presidential elections and protecting people’s votes. Bruno stated that during the 2010 general election over 1,200 bots with fake news were detected placing manipulative and false content online. Another more significant issue is deep fakes that are a phony video manipulated through the technology computer graphic making them look real and hard to detect. According to research by Fagali, even people who are not technical savvy can quickly create a fake video with online tools easy to use allowing putting any person’s face and making them part of the false news and more

Bruno Fagali is famous for dealing with matters concerning public contracts and both private and public corporate integrity. He deals with scandals that offer dubious agreements to individuals by voting for transparency drive and integrity campaign through his Law firm Fagali Advocacy. Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager of the Nova/sb known as the leading Brazilian advertisement agency.

Bruno Fagali has decades of skills and high knowledge with various legal solutions specializing in the corporate sector. He attended University of Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic specializing in Administrative Law and later completed his Masters in State Progress Law. His career took him working in prestigious law firms and then started Fagali Law firm offering expert services in Litigation, Compliance and Public Law.

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Doe Deere – on topic article May 2, 2018

Doe Deere sits down once again to share with fans the inspiration behind her vegan-friendly products.


Born in Russia but currently residing in the United States, Deere is a fanatic when it comes to all things beauty. She expresses her obsession with cosmetics and other beauty products through the use of her company, Lime Crime.


Lime Crime’s Newest Product

Deere and Lime Crime are constantly popping out new products, and the newest item to join the Lime Crime family is the phenomenal Venus III Eyeshadow Palette, a palette that is popping with lavender, lilac, and different shades of purple.


Another thing that makes this palette so awesome? It is also filled with nude colors! So if you’re looking to achieve a bold look or just want to apply some everyday makeup, this could very well be your go-to palette.


Sometimes Looks Do Matter

Surprisingly enough, the product, itself, isn’t the only selling point. People aren’t only interested in a great product; they are also interested in a great-looking product.


Deere talks about how important packaging is in business. “It’s super’s just as important as the product inside.”


According to Deere, high-quality packaging reflects a high-quality product.


“Why house a great product in crappy packaging? Using great packaging allows you to communicate the quality and value of the product.”


Deere can find inspiration for packaging in almost anything. In the same way that she found inspiration for her brand in fairy tales and unicorns, she found inspiration for the Pocket Candy Palette from toys.


Offering the Products She Has a Real Passion For

Lime Crime offers hair dye.


You won’t find too many makeup companies that have branched into hair products, but Lime Crime is one of them.




Because you have to be who you are and offer the products that you want to give to the world.


The fact that most makeup companies don’t offer hair dye doesn’t mean that Deere’s company shouldn’t.


Deere says that she has been wearing hair dyes of various colors for years, and she wanted to bring that love of hair dye to her unicorn community.


Deere encourages women to practice self-expression and is practicing her own self-expression by sharing something for which she has a deep passion.


Apparently, Team Unicorn has been responding well to the hair dyes because Lime Crime now has over 30 different dyes in their collection, including dyes that are for full coverage and those that add tint. Learn more:

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