Article Title: Jana Messerschmidt; the Investor Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners May 13, 2019

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Jana Messerschmidt is one of the three members joining the team in the Lightspeed company. Jana lightspeed has an outstanding record. Her accomplishments exude an unimaginable amount of strength and energy. The various top roles that she has held in several top companies and the experience she has gained put her on the spotlight. She is indispensible and very valuable. She is the founder of the #ANGELS Company.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

According to crunchbase, Lightspeed venture Partners was found in the year 2000 and it is based in Menlo Park in Carlifornia. It has offices in China, India and even Israel. It is a venture capital firm that deals with startup companies that are in various early stages of growth. It provides debt-financing to these companies. It also invests in sectors such as bitcoin, enterprise technology, cleantech, cloud solutions among others.

Messerschmidt Education and Career

She was admitted into the University of Illinois at Urbana to pursue Computer Engineering where she graduated in the year 2001. In 2005, she joined DivX firm where she was the senior manager accounts for two years. She moved to SmartDrive Systems and became Director Strategic Accounts for another two years. For the next two years, she joined Netflix where she became Director in charge of Business Development after which she moved to Twitter in November 2010. In Twitter, she was the Vice President, Global Business Development & Platform where she was in charge of more than 150 persons. The team was responsible for Twitter’s global strategic partnerships.

Jana Lightspeed has a passion for women and she is determined to see women lead in organizations. She therefore founded a company known as #ANGELS in 2015 that has a vision to elevate women and empower them to successfully start businesses. Jana has been able to invest in more than 50 upcoming companies such as CAMEO and BIRD. The experience that she has in investment industry puts her at the advantage in the team consumer investing team created at Lightspeed Venture Capitals.


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Steve Lesnard: Marketing Principles for Modern Companies May 10, 2019

Steve Lesnard is a consultant in the marketing and advertising industry. His expertise has grown after serving in the market for several decades. His services have helped thousands of companies to thrive in the market that has become complicated. There are many modern ways of marketing. The dynamic digital platforms that have emerged have made marketing and advertising easier, but they are giving many organizations hard time. The new mediums of marketing have worked for some people, but they have failed several individuals. For an individual to remain profitable, there are some special features they need to learn about social platforms of marketing. If you want to sell a new product successfully in the international market, Steve Lesnard believes that you will have to follow these two principles accordingly:

Avoid complex statements: everything should be memorable and simple

When you are bringing your new product into the market for the first time, you will need to address the targeted audience perfectly. The storyline should get to the point, using the simplest terms possible. Steve Lesnard always urges companies to explain the benefits of the item they are bringing so that the consumer will want to purchase it in the future. You can also use the platform to tell the world that the new product is advanced that what is being offered in other organizations. The kind of communication you are going to use will determine whether your product will end up successful or not. When your team understands about simplifying the terms, you will never have to worry about innovation. Your advertising team should be responsible for coming up with a simple and memorable lane that can attract all customers.

Make your idea real

New companies are finding it very hard to show how their products are real, and consumers fail to purchase them because they are not fully convinced. When your team is marketing, Steve Lesnard advises his companies to show consumers how they will benefit from your product. Modern social media sites will help you in your marketing is you are going to use the ideal statements. Getting the right professionals in your team will also be an added advantage.

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CEO Matthew Fleeger Understands How To Strategically Grow Gulf Coast Western May 7, 2019

Gulf Coast Western finding its place as a prominent name in natural oil and gas, and its becoming more well-established as time goes on. Although this realm is known to be much tougher to successfully break into than most other industries, the company seems to making the necessary moves to perform well when it comes to acquiring and distributing natural resources in an efficient manner. The way that Gulf Coast Western has risen so highly is through its strong talent and leadership.

The leadership of this resource dealing entity is one of its finest features, and it is something that everyone in the company could surely take pride in. Not only is Matthew Fleeger the team’s chief executive officer, but he is also a loyal and driven president too. Setting his oil organization up for true success is always on Fleeger’s mind, and his results with both Gulf Coast Western and with MedSolutions, a previous company he has spent time heading, have demonstrated what Mr. Fleeger is capable of.

Gulf Coast Western has been around for many decades at this point, and it has built a strong base of happy, resource-needing clients in many of America’s southern states. Since the 1970s, a strategy that has proven effective with regards to achieving the desired amount of growth for Gulf Coast Western has been engaging in advantageous associations and partnerships.

Southern Methodist University graduate Matthew Fleeger hopes to scale up his organization even further as the years progress. Northcote Energy is one powerful name with which Gulf Coast Western has done business. This group used to be in direct competition with the company. Now, however, they are both able to work together to better navigate the energy sector. This partnership is proving to be a great strategic business choice, and both entities are growing as a result.

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Exercising Your Voice on Gender Parity May 3, 2019


All through her career life, Sharon Prince has been exercising her voice with a particular interest in sealing gender parity gaps. While it has not been easy to compose her voice, she has steadily accomplished much by confronting dialects and powers that propagate different structures that upset gender parity efforts.


Sharon prince serves as the president and chair at Grace Farms Foundation which she established in 2009. She has been exercising her voice using different tactics and is now actively challenging and pursuing sexism. She maintains that vernacular has a significant implication on the development of sexism and the struggle for gender parity.


An article on The New York Times entitled “The Spiritual and Spectacular Meet at an Ultramodern Community Center in Connecticut”, talks about a facility which is a nature center, gym, hub for social justice groups, community garden and a part-time ecumenical chapel — and that is only a partial list.


Sharon argues that the current gender-distinguished language is a substantial cause of the impending challenges that are stalling any progress in the battle for gender equality. Sharon wonders why “Mrs.” is a term used for married women, yet there is no equivalent for married men. Breaking such barriers in every dialect is an essential step towards the improvement of gender parity.


Sharon admits that language is a powerful tool in the replication of gender discrimination and perpetuation of sexism. Sexism remains an unexpected challenge that requires fearless expression through voice regardless of associated risks and discomforts.


Sharon Prince is keen to observe a steady decline in gender parity but feels that much remains undone. Through decades of exercising her voice on gender parity, Sharon is now taking it upon the architectural directive at Grace Farms to speak against biased languages and lack of equality. She remains hopeful about the progress on gender parity.



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