The Brains Behind Fagali Law Firm July 26, 2018

With years spent in legal work, Bruno Fagali has managed to make a name for himself. Since 2006, the Brazilian lawyer has been involved with numerous law firms and has managed to make quite a reputation for himself.

At the moment, Bruno Fagali owns his law agency known as Fagali Advocacy an also provides services as the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/ SB. His agency is based in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro. He is experienced in parliamentary law, administrative law and State law. His law firm specializes in business law.


The Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo is where Bruno got his first law degree in the year 2009. Later on, he studied administrative law in the same university which he completed in 2012.

Later, he got his masters in State Law at the University of Sao Paulo.

His work

At the moment, he is among the most promising lawyers in Brazil. He has the ambition to make Brazil a business-oriented country and from the looks of things, his drive and ambition I starting to take shape.

With assistance from Fagali, Brazil can change its reputation from being known as a corrupt country to a corruption-free nation with the most ethical and honest business practices.

Bruno has a firm belief that Brazil can overcome corruption if it sticks to its ethical rules and standards which he believes are similar to European standards. However, these standards are not easy to maintain in Brazil, and this is where Bruno’s law firm comes in handy. Its law firm will ensure that such ethical practices and rules are followed.


With the increase in globalization and the increase in uncertainty in the global markets, it is necessary that nations work on their reputations to remain safe, reliable and stable. By doing this, Brazil, just like any other nation, will be increasing its ability to attract foreign investors as well as add on the value of their exports.

With Bruno, the future of Brazil, as well as its business integrity, is looking bright at the moment. Bruno will make sure that he changes the overall perception of the legal system of Brazil as well as continue to fight corruption.

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Gregory Aziz Acquires The National Steel Car From Dofasco July 24, 2018

Earning a reputation is something that everyone desires to achieve in their career. As something that comes with challenges, only a few manage to attain it. Gregory. J Aziz is among the few world leaders who have been ranked as men of integrity. Greg Aziz, who is the president and CEO of National Steel Car, has come a long way to establish the renowned Brazil’s steel car company. From scratch, the company became the top steel car manufacturing firm in Brazil.


It all began right after Greg Aziz completed his education. As a graduate of economics, Greg Aziz had a chance to express his knowledge in his family food business. This was in 1971, when he marketed the company to emerge the top distributor of fresh food to various states. Some of the states that benefited from Gregory James Aziz’s family food company are South America and Europe amongst others. As a mere helper in the store, James Aziz thought that he should now move out to chase his dreams elsewhere.


This is how Greg ended up in New York as an investment banker in 1980. The National Steel Car was a Canadian company under Dofasco. Apparently, it was in its worse state at that time. After a while of working in America’s bank industry, James Aziz purchased the Canadian steel car company in 1994. He was eager to make it the biggest company in Brazil; something he eventually achieved. The Canadian company now turned the biggest North American company, went through a lot of improvements under his leadership.

To begin with, Greg Aziz enabled a stronger engineering strategy by employing the most experienced engineers. In the process, the company’s investments improved within short periods, hence it experienced outstanding achievements. Talking of achievements, it was able to manufacture more than ten thousand cars annually as opposed to the previous 3,500. In addition, National Steel Car’s employment increased by four from 600 workers to 3000 laborers.

It is over ten decades now and the company is still ranked as the best in Brazil. According to Greg James Aziz, the only thing he and his company are focused on is the ability to provide the best and quality freight cars. This is, however not only to Brazil but also to the world. Greg Aziz is, so far, proud of what he has achieved with his National Steel Car Company. He insists that the company as a whole is never dependent on their past achievements rather; they are always focused to do better. Refer to This Article for more information.

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Rocketship CEO addresses Bloggers Publishing Misleading Information July 20, 2018

When Rocketship was founded more than a decade ago, many people just thought that this was going to be an ordinary school. However, as time went by, the community started to realize that the school was offering young people more than just education. Rocketship has been changing the lives of all its students in a positive manner. There are many schools that have been brought into the American market over the years, but none of them has been able to meet the standards that are laid by the school. Parents can now relax because they are involved in all the activities taking place in the lives of their children. The parents and guardians have also managed to form strong relationships that have resulted in good performance in the school. The school has also had to deal with so many critics from bloggers and people who do not believe in their achievements.

One of the educational blogs in the United States published a takedown piece that left many parents and teachers very worried. The blogger felt that Rocketship Education was not doing something right, and it was not being truthful to the teachers and parents. The current chief executive officer has released a report to the media addressing the issue so that everyone can understand what has been happening. Rocketship is a nonprofit making network, and it has been established in the market because of its high-quality education to all the students. The chief executive officer of the institution has been in the limelight many times, and he says that he is already used to the critics in the education department.

The Rocketship CEO decided to respond to bloggers so that the parents do not question about his schools. The businessman has been getting so many inboxes from personalities who are worried about the stories in the blogs. The results from the students in the school have been so impressive, and this has not gone down well with some people in the country. The co-founder has warned the bloggers to dig dipper before they can decide to publish any contracting news to the media because it will negatively affect the students.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Knocked Off As CEO Of Banco Bradesco Because The Bank Needs Younger Executives To Compete With All-Digital Banking Operations July 17, 2018

     For countless decades, Lazaro de Melo Brandao served Banco Bradesco in either the capacity of President, Chief Executive Officer, or Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Once he stepped down in October 2017 – nearly a year ago at this point – from his long-running post as Chairman of the Board of Directors news media outlets quickly began speculating about which high-ranking executives would remain in their current positions or – if they were lucky – perhaps move into the spot of Chief Executive Officer, a C-suite position coveted by every employee of every corporation on planet Earth.

To make up for the immediate resignation of Mr. Lazaro de Melo Brandao, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi adopted the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and was named the President of Banco Bradesco. Once a replacement was named for the spot of President, Trabuco was expected to stay true in the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. However, for whatever reason, people in charge of hiring decisions decided not to keep Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in charge of its daily operations as the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is very much still with Banco Bradesco, he’s just no longer in as much executive control as he was for the previous nine years. During his stint as Banco Bradesco’s head cheese – the Chief Executive Officer – he played an instrumental role in securing HSBC Bank in an acquisition that helped Banco Bradesco grow significantly.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s replacement – Octavio Lazari – has worked for Banco Bradesco for roughly nine fewer years than the now-former Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Trabuco wasn’t moved out of the position of CEO because he was incompetent, got in trouble, or did the company wrong – or showed his rear end to the world, this making look bad. As a matter of fact, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi couldn’t have done anything better. He potentiated himself to bring the best Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi possible to the figurative table.

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Betsy DeVos: Believing the Children of America July 11, 2018

Most individuals and the United States have gone through an education system of sorts. It is entirely possible that each of them had a varied experience and learned things differently. The lessons that they were taught throughout their time within the system are still things that they carry with them today. For people of older generations, the thrill of education was not always guaranteed. Many children were taken out of school to work and help provide for the family, that is not something that is required of them today. The climate of today’s society is that learning should be an immersive experience that children are able to build on for years to come. Learning has taken a front seat to many other portions of society. The problem is that the public-school system has not updated to help accommodate this new standard of learning. While they are still in the business of putting out tests to determine if children are receiving this type of education that they need, they are not helping children discern the building blocks necessary to create a good system.


Betsy DeVos has always used the position that she has been dull in life to help better society. She has established many foundations and scholarship funds to ease the burden of good education for students that would not normally be able to attend private schools. Private schools have always been the gold standard of education, but many parents are not able to afford them. In order to enroll their students in these programs, they are often put in positions where they must give up many essential items in their everyday life. Parents are in situations where they must struggle to keep their children the systems for years. Betsy DeVos explains to her interviewer and Philanthropy that one of the biggest reasons why she got into education is because she saw how passionate these parents were about obtaining a better life for their children through superb education.


She wants all parents to feel empowered to do this for their children. The notion of school choice is not something that should be shied away from her look down on, instead parents should feel as though they can give their children this increased standard of education. Betsy DeVos wants students to be able to enjoy the public-school system, but she is also willing to admit that it needs a change in order to be as viable as these alternative options. She wants parents to have more options in the meantime. This is why she is fighting for public funding for these institutions, making it possible for lower-income individuals to gain the education that they need. She is also a huge proponent of school vouchers and other types of scholarship opportunities that would make it possible for the students to enroll. She may see some pushback on her ideas, but that is from people who still believe in the public-school system. She might believe in the public-school system, but she also believes in the children of America and she wants and has the resources that they need.


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Gregory Aziz’s Story Behind Nation Steel Car July 3, 2018

Gregory Aziz or also known by his former name Gregory James Aziz. He was born and raised in Ontario in 1949 and completed his major in economics from the Western Ontario University and holds the position of Chief Executive officer at National Steel Car Ltd. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario and is the largest freight car manufacturers in Canada. The company was found in the year 1921. It is one of the leading freight car manufacturers in North America.



Nation Steel Car Ltd is renowned for manufacturing and producing quality vehicles for their clients. It is now directed and watched over by CEO, Gregory J. Aziz who has years of experience in the industry. He is also well known for his charity works and contributions to the society. Gregory James Aziz sponsors the Hamilton Community which is a charitable foundation.



National Steel Car is a subsidiary company of National Industries of which Gregory J. Aziz is CEO. He is currently considered to be one of the most significant people in North America. He started his career in their family food business in the year 1971. The family business turned out to be a huge success and soon spread across Canada and also United states. Gregory J. Aziz had proper knowledge about business and entrepreneurship due to which his interest raised in the investment sector of the market. He gathered knowledge about investment banking and soon became part of the investment sector and banking. After having adequate knowledge in the field he bought National Industries and made it America’s leading railroad and freight car constructors. Gregory Aziz invested a large sum of capital into the company for its development and     growth into the marketplace. See Related Link to learn more.


He wanted to regenerate higher quality products so that the company could rise to a grander accomplishment. Gregory Aziz’s smart business ideas and innovations is what have brought the company into the limelight amongst people. The company soon began to be listed amongst the top-level organizations in the country. His team of employees is extremely talented and consists of engineers with years of experience. Initially it produced a number of 3500 units whereas now the company makes over 12000 units of railroad and freight cars. National Industries are known for how they keep their client specifications and requirements at their top level of priority and hence succeeded in becoming the top-rated freight car manufacture company today.





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How Alex Pall Formed The Chainsmokers July 2, 2018

Alex Pall always knew his calling. He had a dream of creating and performing good music that had feeling and heart. He began djing as a young child. What started out as a fun hobby for the aspiring dj has developed into one of today’s biggest music groups.

When Alex Pall first began working as a dj in New York City, it was a more of side gig. He was passionate and had fun with it. He ended up working for an art gallery. While working at the art gallery, he saw that his true passion was dance music. He knew being in New York City was the best place to make his dream come true. So, he decided this time he would go after his dream and turn it into a success. That is exactly what he did.

The Chainsmokers’s manager today first began working with Alex when he was aiming to jumpstart his career. The manager introduced him to Drew. Instantly, they clicked for having similar tastes and desires for music. Soon after, they began working together. Drew made the big decision of moving down from Maine. Alex ended his job at the art gallery. They formed The Chainsmokers.

Together, Alex and Drew were a valuable asset. Drew was in college before he joined Alex to start The Chainsmokers. But like Alex, he also had a passion for working as a dj. Electronic music fascinated him way before it became a huge trend like it is today. Alex has always been one to make music and been involved on the production side of music. His producing skills along with Alex’s skills have really transformed the dance music scene. He started seeing others getting booked around New York City and was encouraged to upload songs to Soundcloud and take his shot at becoming a professional dj.

Drew began making music with Alex in his apartment the next day after meeting each other. They have come a long way from making music in an apartment to making Billboard hits. They are a true example of what it is to succeed.

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Dr. Clay Siegal: Powering 21st Century Cancer Treatments

Hard work, the essential ingredient that has turned Seattle Genetics into a biotech force. A confessed work-a-holic, Dr. Clay Siegall tells the story of Charles Darwin in a letter to his cousin. Darwin did not believe there was any difference in man’s IQ, the difference was in work habits and focus.

Dr. Siegall found the inspiration to start Seattle Genetics by the brutal treatment regimen a family member was forced to endure. Treatments and complications the family member had to face were often far worse than cancer.

Seattle Genetics began life with the express intent on developing new and different approaches to cancer treatment. Dr. Siegall believes old-guard therapies, specifically systemic chemotherapies are destined for history. Dr. Siegal first became interested in treating cancer while studying zoology. Dr. Siegal received his BS in Zoology from the University of Maryland.

The firm has the first FDA approved antibody-drug conjugate ADCETRIS® along with 20 other drugs in the pipeline. Built on a platform of research and innovation the company has a passion for helping patients.

A collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has propelled ADCETRIS® into a brand known the world over. The antibody-drug conjugate technology is now in over 20 different clinical trials.

From a tiny drug firm in 1998 to a dominant 21st-century powerhouse, Seattle Genetics is finally starting to make money. Dr. Siegal is very proud of his employees and the sales staff who have powered the growth. The deals put together take time and are usually in the seven to eight figures.

Dr. Siegal has a long history of research to find therapies for cancer treatment. From 1991 to 1997 Siegal was with Bristol Myers Squibb. He spent two years at the National Cancer Institute before he started Seattle Genetics. Siegal received his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University.

Dr. Clay Siegal has powered Seattle Genetics to a world power in drug discovery. Under Clay’s leadership, the strategic partnership’s with AbbVie, Genentech, and GlaxoSmithKline have generated over $375 million to date. From a small start-up years ago, to a company that secured $1.8 billion in public and private funding.

Dr. Clay Siegal and Seattle Genetics will be a force in drug discovery for years to come.

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