Daniel Taub on Critical Matters in Israel December 25, 2017

Daniel Taub, formerly an accredited diplomat sent by his state as its permanent representative in Israel. He served as an ambassador for almost four years to the Court of St. James. Currently, Daniel holds top executive as well as legal and diplomatic positions. At Yad Hanadiv foundation, He heads the Strategy and Planning departments as the sole director.


Over the years working, his achievement led to his recognition beyond imagination. He is one lucky individual; he has met several prominent people in the world who cared for critical matters in the Israel. In 2011, Daniel got lucky and happened to meet the queen of England. During his visit, he presented his credentials was appointed ambassador to the Court of St James’s by the queen. Meanwhile, he is set to leave his position as a Britain ambassador.


Daniel was born in London in the year 1962. He began his professional studies at Trinity College, Oxford University where he graduated with Bachelors in Literature. Later on, Daniel realized his passion in pursuing law courses. He soon enrolled in The Law Society where he received accreditation in Law. In 1988, Daniel was set to sharpen his Juris doctor skills, thus enrolling at the University College London where he acquired a Masters in Juris doctor. Later in the early 2000s, Mr. Daniel upgraded his qualifications at Harvard University where he graduated with a master’s degree in public policy.


Daniel Taub began his professional career journey at Israel Defense Forces. He rose through the ranks by serving in the foreign law division as a military personnel with EMT level training and as well as a supply officer. In the year 1991, he resigned from his position and moved to Israel where he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry. His most groundbreaking achievement includes the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In 2011, Daniel officially became an ambassador representing Britain in Israel.


In addition to his expertise, Daniel also associated with the Israel-Syrian negotiations. Over the years of loyalty, he represented the country in various legal positions in different forums. Additionally, Daniel Taub is also a prolific author in the field of international law and negotiation theory. He has published several copies of his work, and they are currently being used for studies in significant schools in Israel. Additionally, the man also contributes to social, academic, medical projects. Meanwhile, he is a father of six adorable children and happily married to his wife Zehava in Israel.


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National Steel Car Gives Back To The Community December 22, 2017

National Steel Car is known for being an active participant in the community that it does business in. The company is based in Hamilton Ontario Canada. It is led by Gregory Aziz, the current CEO. Gregory Aziz wanted to be involved with National Steel Car and make sure that it had as much of a positive impact on its surrounding environment as its customers.


National Steel Car is the number one manufacturer of rolling rock in the Country. It has returned to the forefront of its industry by new leadership and aggressive business tactics. The company was founded in the early 1900s and had great success right away. Sir John Morison Gibson teamed with a group of other investors to put National Steel in business. The company was a powerhouse initially. Yet it fell on tough times as the years passed by.


Gregory Aziz discovered National steel and immediately saw the potential in the company. He orchestrated the purchase of the company in 1994. Before this, Gregory had been working with his family. They were very successful in the food industry and imported product from Europe, South and Central America. Gregory’s family also did regular business in the United States.

Gregory studied at Ridley College. He then went on to major in Economics at Western Ontario University. Greg Aziz saw the potential in the human elements of National Steel Car. Gregory decided to invest his resources into the people who had held the company together for so many years. A new attitude and outlook on production efforts changed the culture at National Steel. Gregory was able to increase productivity and push the boundaries that had been set by previous leaders. The company went from producing 3,000 cars per year to well over 12,000. Employment swelled from 600 employees to at least 3,000. See This Page for more information.



National Steel Car has used it success as an opportunity to reach back into the community. The company is thoroughly involved with the Theater Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. National Steel Car is also a regular contributor to the United Way and the local Salvation Army. The company makes significant donations to food banks in the region.

Greg Aziz is proud of the National Steel Christmas party, which is intended to bring current employees together with past team members. The party allows several generations of company employees to gain perspective on what National Steel Car has been though over the decades.


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How Social Consciousness of Waiakea Water Founder Catapulted the Brand to Success December 20, 2017

Waiakea Water took the bottled water industry by storm and is already leading the pack despite being one of the newest entrants. But how did the young company attain a global recognition and over 4000 percent overall growth with an annual growth rate of 170 percent?


Its founder Ryan Emmons attributes the success to the company’s adoption of three facets of social consciousness that resonates well with most consumers. These encompass the creation of a product rich in health benefits and availing it to the market in an environmentally conscious manner while using the proceeds for humanitarian activities.




How do the three facets relate to consumers?


Health benefits


Hawaii, the source of the Waiakea Water, is considered by many as the home of everything good and natural with some praising it as having the purest environments on earth. Note that Waiakea only harvests rain and snowmelt waters thereby confirming the brand’s purity. The water is then passed through 14,000m feet of volcanic rocks that enrich it with natural and beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. (Read


Environmental friendliness from the source


Waiakea Water is packed in recyclable and degradable cases and delivered using low-emission vehicles. This environmental consciousness has endeared the brand to many as well as earned it numerous awards and recognition. This includes the global Carbon Neutral certification. As if that’s not enough, the company will from 2018 start packaging its water in degradable bottles thus leading the industry in the manufacture of degradable plastics.


Humanitarianism and philanthropy


For every liter the company sells, it provides an equivalent of week’s water provisions to a rural home in Malawi, Africa. This humanitarian action resonates well with most individuals who consume the water as a form of giving back to the community. Read This Article to learn more.


Bottom line


Waiakea not only promises better health to consumers, but it also pulls them into causes they hold close to heart like environmental conservation and caring for the needy. These acts of socialism explain why the Waiakea elbowed out the competition to claim a spot among top ten water brands in the world as well as their impressive growth.



Watch Waiakea Water on YouTube.


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Reassured When Investing In Obsidian Energy December 19, 2017



Obsidian energy mainly manufactures oil and gas in addition to other assets. The company was formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. until undergoing the name change on June 26th, 2017. David L. French, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy, joined the company after his experience working for different companies. His previous works were the following:


– President and CEO of Bankers Petroleum Ltd. The Oil and gas company that originated from Calgary.

– Examined reservoir rock types, and primary-tertiary development through several regions.


French has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University and attended Harvard Business School to earn his MBA.



Operations of Obsidian Energy


Obsidian aims to scale their company worldwide. However, many ongoing operations are taking place in different regions. The infrastructure of the Alberta Viking area gives the city an advantage to the company since its light oil and gas mixture allows shorter cycle activities. This supports long cycle activities in the Cardium area. In an effort to reduce decline rates on wells, Obsidian Energy is working on an integrated waterflood approach that maintains the pressure of reservoirs that are connected to the wells.


In addition to the operations in the Alberta Viking and Cardium area, the Peace River is also undergoing manufacturing. The company created a joint venture partnership with the China Investment Corporation, the Peace River Operated Partnership (PROP). Click Here for more information.



An Environmentally Friendly Company


The Community Matters program allows employees and contractors of Obsidian Energy to manage their operations while dealing with the concerns of citizens. It’s vital to reduce any property damage from oil and gas operations. Their environmental programs satisfy all environmental regulation by stakeholder communication, resource conservation, abandonment of proper sites and approval of work done on reclamation sites.


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The Focus on Sustainability Sets Waiakea Water Apart from Other Brands December 18, 2017

The team behind Waiakea water has always placed their focus on sustainability. This allows the brand to be set apart from the vast majority of brands of bottled water currently available today. The water itself is sourced from the big island of Hawaii, which brings to mind a natural resource containing more beneficial properties. The company even incorporates the language of the island into the name chosen for their water. Waiakea is actually a compound of the words wai and akea, which in the Hawaiian language means broad waters.


The choice to market the water as a sustainable resource was made when at the age of 22 Ryan Emmons first decided to launch a new brand of bottled water. Mr. Emmons saw an opportunity in the market for the introduction of a brand that could advertise itself as being socially conscious. Not only would the water used for the Waiakea brand fit the need for a sustainably sourced brand, but it would also fit the need for a brand that helped protect the environment through its recyclable packaging. The fact that the water itself contained natural minerals that are beneficial to a person’s overall state of health, was an added bonus. (See:


Since its inception, Waiakea water has seen a steady rate of growth, which generally amounts to over 170 percent each year. Due to the impressive marketing strategies implemented by Ryan Emmons and his team, this company went from selling a little over 2,000 cases a year to selling more than 122,000 cases each year. The company behind the Waiakea brand now has a value of at least 10 million dollars. Check Waiakea Water out on


The beneficial properties of Waiakea Water come from the way the water is naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock. As a sustainable resource, it originates from the various types of precipitation that fall in the region of the Mauna Loa volcano. This precipitation makes a journey that takes it through rock formations which enhance it with essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. It also obtains a natural pH balance that makes it better at hydrating the various cells of the body. Click Here for additional information about Waiakea Water.



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Gregory Aziz: A Massive Impact on National Steel Car’s Success December 15, 2017

National Steel Car is one of the foremost manufacturers of freight rail cars in the world. The company is spearheaded by CEO, President and Chairman Gregory J. Aziz. When he joined the company in 1994 he brought a new level of drive that led to a revitalization of the company. National Steel Car has always been a successful company. However, under the leadership of James Aziz the company has seen massive growth in the past several years.


Gregory James Aziz came to National Steel Car after overseeing the purchase of the company. The goal of the purchase was to buy back National Steel Car from a former owner. Yet, Aziz was not part of National Steel Car’s team at the time. He was the investment banker that managed the purchase. He then moved to work with National Steel Car and since then he has had a highly successful trajectory within the company.


About National Steel Car

National Steel Car is an elite company based in Hamilton, Ontario. They manufacture and engineer railroad freight cars. Over the years they have developed a reputation for their highest quality of steel car manufacturing. They are also known for offering vendors the highest level of customer service in the industry.


Greg Aziz had a vision to push the company to even greater heights. He is passionate about utilizing the latest and greatest technology in his company. The development of rail cars is an industry that rarely changes what has been working for decades. Gregory J. Aziz and his team are all focused on looking to the future, and that means technology integration.


Gregory J. Aziz’s First Business Development Success

One very interesting thing about Greg Aziz is that he didn’t have the traditional business acumen that would lead to managing such a large global company. Instead, after college he took a job with his family’s company. The company was called Affiliated Foods and is a wholesaler of fresh foods.


Mr. Aziz started with Affiliated Foods after graduating college. He worked there 16 years. During those 16 years he worked to grow the company to have a global reach. He set up successful partnerships with wholesalers in South America, Central America and Europe. The company worked with every major wholesaler in the world and became a major distributor in the U.S. and Canada. Find More Additional Here.

Overall, Mr. Aziz continues to grow National Steel Car’s share of the market.


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The Secret Compound To National Steel December 13, 2017

The Foundation Of Steel In Every Component


Steel is the initial material used by National Steel Car.


This agency leads the Northern countries as the largest locomotive manufacturer. National Steel Car’s production line works on engine parts for trains, the cargo carts trains pull and the progress of innovative engineering for a modern world. The expansion of the railway system has only begun.


We see the beginning of a large system in the railway structure and in order to accommodate the growing needs of American and Canadian societies. The world is advancing with economic stability and the innovation of entrepreneurs across the globe. National Steel Car holds a strong market in the Northern country, but its innovation influences the entire world.



The Industry That Steel Continues To Maintain


The industrial revolution has long since passed, yet the infrastructure and the basic concept of the locomotive process is very functional in today’s society. It’s moved forward by the National Steel Car agency and the work it accomplishes in the Northern territories. National Steel Car is able to manufacture steel with innovation that would make Carnegie rise from his grave.


The world finds it difficult to envision what other improvements in locomotive engineering can possibly come about. The answer to that question is why National Steel Car operates with a substantial business. The agency is a leader in the production of locomotive engineering and continues to wow its industry with daily innovation. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, consistently for over a decade.



ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company also consistently received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


Searching For The Final Value In It All


The ultimate value of rolling stock is contained in the steel structure and manufacturing of each final train product. Value is then obtained by the application of these modern train components. The application of cargo cars enables businesses to ship millions of dollars’ worth of goods that reach their final destination. The ability to move tons as a time is equal to power and money. Refer to This Article for more information.


The power and money that locomotion enables is only seen within the palms of major nations and distributors. This is the business access of National Steel Car and why it can operate with a strong name, with Gregory J Aziz as their great leader. Though it works as a regional supplier, the international borders it crosses between America and Canada help to unite two great nations.



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Matt Badiali’s Advice on Investing in the Gold Market December 10, 2017

     Matt Badiali is a natural resource investment advisor and works at the Real Wealth Strategist as an editor. In one of his most recent articles, he advised investors not to give up investing in gold because of its poor performance over the last couple of months. He agrees that the investment demand for gold has dropped significantly and the gold market’s performance has not been as bad as it was in this year’s third quarter since 2009, but this does not mean that investing in the metal right now is unprofitable. In fact, despite the steep drop in the third quarter, the gold market has gone up by 12% this year and this is remarkable performance. From his expert assessment of the market, he expects this trend to continue and believes that it is a good time to invest in gold. Matt has visited a couple of gold mines and knows exactly which ones are the best to invest in.


About Matt Badiali


Matt Badiali has been involved in the natural resource industry for more than 20 years, and this puts him in a great place to provide natural resource investment advice. What sets him apart from other natural resource investment advisors is the fact that he actually takes the trouble to visit oil wells and mines so that he can see firsthand how they are performing. Some of the places he has visited include Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iraq and Turkey to mention but a few.


Matt Badiali studied Earth Sciences at Pennsylvania State University, and he is also an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University from where he graduated with masters in Geology. His background in geology makes him good at assessing oil wells and mines since he knows exactly what to look for to know whether an oil well or a mine is a good investment. This means that he provides investors with topnotch advice on the right investments to make.




Matt Badiali is known for his accurate predictions of various natural resource markets and the gold market is no exception. Investors should, therefore, heed his advice in order to make big profits from investing in gold. Many investors have benefited from his expert advice on natural resource investment.


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Harvesting the Habanero Pepper with Joel Friant December 8, 2017

Habanero Madness gives an insight into when and how to harvest Habanero pepper. Having an idea of when the papers are ripe is the key to having a successful harvest. Although there are so many types of peppers, it is always good to follow some rule of identifying when the harvesting period is due.

From Habanero Madness’ insight there are some general rules before harvesting pepper. What is of great importance in the first instance is to review the plant information. Similarly, on the information provided on the methods to be used in harvesting the peppers, use of a knife or garden clippers is recommended. It is important as it prevents any damage to the plant.

Another measure that should be considered is protecting hands when collecting pepper, the reason being that the oil can irritate the skin. Similarly, it’s advisable to harvest the peppers during dry seasons to avoid the spread of diseases. One of the criteria for determining whether the peppers are ripe is due to easiness to pull off the plant. Sometimes tiny lines that are brown may form on the peppers. To have a massive harvesting, it’s important to continue harvesting Habanero peppers as soon as they are ripe. Peppers do not do well in cold climate.

The “original” Habanero Shaker is one of the hottest and the most flavorful Chile peppers on earth. The man behind this success is Joel Friant. It was originally introduced 1995. Over the years it had exited the market, but due to the popular demand, the brand is back to the market with the best flavor and outstanding taste. Besides, Habanero alongside the associated brands is among the hottest brands of Chile peppers. Despite the existence of other r peppers in the market, the satisfaction of original Habanero pepper has been made a reality through the support of Joel Friant.

The first Habanero pepper consists of the highest amount of Capsaicin. The Capsaicin triggers the brain cells leading to the production of Endorphins that acts as the natural body pain killers. Joel Friant is a successful billionaire who has greatly invested in the company.

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Robert Thikoll – Focus on Lean Productivity

Robert Thikoll is currently serving as the Vice President of Operations of Ingersoll Rand, a company that works to advance the quality of life by creating environments with efficient sources. Throughout his career, he has been involved in many successful business endeavors. However, Thikoll believes solely in the interaction of human relationships and the details that make an individual successful. With all of the technology and advancements in society today, he believes it’s important to focus on relationships and people.

Thikoll is responsible for the development and commitments affiliated with Ingersoll Rand. He works to promote excellence through a transformation of lean productions and processes. He works proactively with a team of senior executives and coaches to help provide influential benefits, hands-on exercises, and thoughtful leadership. One of their many goals is to provide the implementation of lean programs with strategic objectives.

Thikoll is a firm believer in making the day as productive as possible. A typical day in the life of Mr. Thikoll is busy yet challenging. He believes that people should build their day around their own preference, meaning that if they’re more efficient in the mornings, they should do their best work in the morning. If they’re more productive in the afternoon, they should work more effective then.

Technology is always expanding and advancements are being made daily. Thikoll is excited about the changes in the future and looks forward to being able to implement those processes into his business structure. A habit that he has formed as a successful entrepreneur is the ability to have positive human interactions. He concentrates on helping and mentoring people to help implement leaner processes.

Thikoll has many years of experience working in the industry as he worked for Danaher’s from 2000-2015. He graduated from the Arizona State University of Tempe, Arizona with two degrees in Political Science and Japanese.

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