Madison Street Capital –Taking Proud of Topnotch Financial Services August 28, 2017

Madison Street Capital has many years of clean track record. Thousands of its clients choose this company for its experience, expertise, and integrity. Due to the company’s experience and knowledge of the intricacies of corporate finance, the Chicago based firm has grown from humble beginnings to an international investment banking firm.

When it comes to structuring complex contracts, designing exit strategies and matching buyers with sellers, none other performs exemplarily like this firm. Throughout its years of operation, it has majored on mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance, bankruptcy services, private placement advice and also corporate governance. It has regular clients who include but not limited to Fiber Science, Bond Medical Group, and Central Iowa Energy.

The company is a leader in corporate finance issues, thanks to its established offices positioned in different parts of the world such as Chicago, Oregon, India and in Africa, Ghana. This success is attributed to its knowledgeable company executives that exhibit high levels of knowledge, professionalism, deep relationships and analytical skills in their daily undertakings. They are ready to meet all of their customer needs whether revolving around financial reporting, price allocation, asset management or even business valuation. As if that is not all, you will also benefit from tax planning and wealth preservation as there is a division that primarily focuses on that.

Just recently in its amalgamation with the Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital became the sole financial advisor for DCG Software Value. DCG is a renowned software analytics company. The firm is headquartered Pennsylvania, and prides itself in value management, project support not forgetting software estimation services. The company was founded in 1994 and is capable of meeting software needs of both small and large scale organizations.

On the same breath, Spitfire Group is a Denver based company that deals with business and technology consulting. Its partnership with DCG according to is set to increase the value of both firms. With top notch technology, this company has helped a myriad of businesses to address project management, custom development projects and also technology architecture challenges. Learn more:

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital got incepted in 2005, as a middle market investment banking enterprise. Madison Street Capital reputation of providing a variety of financial services to its clients is existent since time immemorial. Currently, it has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The firm has a well-established website where you can find more information there. Other than that, it is also active on its social media page such as Twitter, LinkedIn and has a working telephone number. Learn more:

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The Experienced Carlos Luis Trabuco Triumph In Bradesco Company August 26, 2017

In a company that has always been leading in the banking world, taking the second position will always have negative effects. Bradesco, the current second largest bank in Brazil suffered their worst times when Itau Unibasco stripped them off their long retained title. As a result, the company’s board of directors decided to appoint a new leader to propel the company to its previous position. After careful consideration of a worthy opponent, it was found that Carlos Luis Trabuco Cappi was a worthy candidate for the job. His involvement in major strategic sectors such as pension and finance sectors enabled him to be a fit candidate.

About Carlos Luis Trabuco

Carlos was born in the year 1949 in Merilla, Brazil. The humble and simple banker is an alumnus of Sao Paulo University. Unlike his colleagues who studied degrees in finance and accounting, Trabuco studied philosophy. Nevertheless, Trabuco decided to apply for a job in the newly launched bank in his hometown. Luckily, he secured a position as a clerk in the newly launched Bradesco Company. Amador Aguiar launched the company in the year 1960’s. Under his leadership, Trabuco acquired banking skills that would suit him in his career journey in the banking world.

Two years later, Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to shift to the company’s headquarters based in San Paulo. In the company’s headquarters, Trabuco continued with his good work and secured a spot as the marketing director. He furthered his career goals by achieving yet another spot as the executive director and president of the company’s private pension company between the year 1992 and 1998. Trabuco served in the pension company for a six-year period where he acquired some of the critical skills required for the executive president position.

By the year 1999, Trabuco was appointed the new executive vice president and later on the president of the Bradesco’s insurance company.

The 57-year-old banker journey to success provided him with an approximately 40 years of experience. His experience in Bradesco Company and involvement in strategic sectors contributed to his recent appointment as the new executive president. Trabuco replaced Marcio Cypriano whose position had expired due to the company’s age limit. Additionally, although he was exiting the company’s leadership position, Marcio had achieved a significantly good record. Under his leadership, Marcio had managed to multiply the company’s market value from $ 5 billion to $ 30 billion dollars.

Although Trabuco attained the position as the executive president, his job at Bradesco Company was not going to be a walk in the park. This is because the company was experiencing a drop in performance due to the presence of a new competitor in the banking sector. Itau Unibanco, a new bank in the financial sector, had not only surpassed them as the financial leaders but had managed to bypass them in asset ownership. With an intention to being a multinational bank, Itau Unibanco purchased majority of the medium and smaller banks in Brazil, which heavily impacted Bradesco company’s performance. However, the new president was reported to be making plans in the acquisition of more than additional two hundred branches.

Analysts revealed that although Bradesco had lost their position as the leading bank in Brazil, Trabuco was capable of propelling the company to its former glory. Further, due to his good performance in the company’s strategic sectors Trabuco was named to be a worthy candidate for the company’s role of leadership. Maintaining a stiff competition was always the experienced banker’s means of success. For this reason, Bradesco’s board of directors believed Trabuco would lead the company to their desired position.


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The Secret to the Richard Mishaan Design Success. August 23, 2017

The Richard Mishaan Design is an innovative design firm that creates artistic, unique and timeless interior designs. It handles different kinds of clients who make diverse requests, including commercial, hospitality and residential projects. The founder of the firm attributes its favorable reputation with numerous celebrity clients to the consistency for quality and synergy that the firm has exhibited in its services. He claims that he enjoys a good rapport with the professional world only because he directs his personnel to utilize high quality materials to evoke excitement in his clients and their visitors.

Clients who have worked with Richard Mishaan recommend his design firm for various reasons including;

  • The firm’s personnel is skillfully trained and experienced in architecture, fashion and design
  • The firm insists on developing unique and timeless designs
  • The firm blends all of a client’s stylistic expectations with fashionable elements seamlessly

Nothing is ever really made from nothing and Richard Mishaan Design is no exception. Richard went to the New York University in pursuit of living out his dream career. His passion drove him to further his studies at the Columbia School of Architecture. Lucky for him, his first career years were spent as an intern in the office of Phillip Johnson where he worked on numerous high-end projects. He got to experience how most lavish and luxury homes and high-end residential properties are designed to stand out from others and to fit brand designs. After he had gathered enough experience and some connections, he ventured out on his own by starting the Richard Mishaan Design.

Richard claims that his secret to success in the much competitive and innovation-demanding design market is to have a keen understanding of all clients’ tastes and wishes, however unrealistic and whimsical. He asserts that a client secretly and unconsciously desires to have their interior space to reflect their culture, personality, aspirations and even inconsistencies. Clients, he says, are often intimidated by their expectations and thus fear expressing them. Designers who take time to understand traits from their clients find it easier to blend their own personal creativity to create designs that their clients marvel at because of the originality and uniqueness.

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Conquering Mexican Media: Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and Televisa, S.A. August 18, 2017

     Although Mexico is home to various media companies, two significant enterprises dominate the industry. The primary competitor of the most prominent, Televisa, S.A., is TV Azteca.

TV Azteca, an international corporation, has been owned by Grupo Salinas since the privatization of state channels. The company mostly focuses on a Latin American audience through TV programming, theater, movies, and music. It is also heavily involved in Centro de Estudios y Formación Actoral, an acting school, and has a partnership with NBC.

Televisa, S.A, however, holds the title of most prominent media company. This Mexican enterprise is involved in diverse types of entertainment. In addition to radio, sports, movies, live entertainment, and an internet portal, Televisa has over 250 national and regional television channels and is one of the world’s leading magazine providers. It holds 40% of Univision and annually holds the Nuestra Belleza Mexico beauty pageant. The company’s popularity spreads from Latin America to the hispanic population of the US.

Televisa’s success would not be possible without Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. Originally a law major at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, he is now one of Televisa’s most important executives. Angoitia has been on the board of the company since 1997, holding positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Chairman of Finances, and Managing Director. Although he has been the Vice President of Televisa since 2000, he is most notably regarded as the financial mastermind of the company, having played a major role in the $1.2 billion deal with Univision.

Aside from his success with Televisa, Noriega was a founding partner of major law firm Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C., and is engaged in various philanthropic endeavors. He is actively involved in Kardias A.C., the Fundación Mexicana para la Salud A.C., and the American School Foundation.


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Adam Milstein is using the creativity of meme creators in his activism activities. August 7, 2017

Adam Milstein is using the creativity of meme creators in his activism activities.

Adam Milstein seems to have no limits when it comes to efforts towards supporting pro-Israel activities. His immense contribution extends to a wide range of activities and now he has started a social media competition to create awareness on pro-Israel.


The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a super active supporter of pro-Israel and Jewish activities announced Wednesday, 27th July 2017 that it will be accepting submissions for the Milstein Meme Competition, which is supposed to bring together pro-Israel memes created by artists from all over the world. The global competition is expected to showcase the meme creations in forms of videos, images, websites or hashtags with the potential to garner a wide following on social media.The ultimate winner will take home a grand cash prize of $2000.

Commenting on the panelists, whom he cited as “leading authorities in meme making and sharing, “philanthropist Adam Milstein said that the competition is supposed to show support for Israel with wit and humour. A panel of six college and high school students will choose the final winners and the winning slots are organized into a first-place , two second-place, five third-place winners, and 10 runners-up, Winners will be announced on August 17th, 2017.

Voting begins on August 3rd and participants have the opportunity to submit up to five memes. Voting will be done by analyzing memes that create a lot of reactions, through public reactions from Facebook posts, expressed in phrases and words such as like, love, haha, sad, wow or angry. Voting and submissions close on August 14th,2017.

Adam Milstein came to the United States in search of better education and life opportunities. He joined the Southern California Business School after which he established himself as a real estate and investment manager to great success. The contest by Milstein Family Foundation has also been created in partnership with over a dozen pro-Israel and Jewish support organizations.

The use of memes in the modern internet-connected-world is a quick way of promoting such a cause and Adam Milstein expects this promotion to reach even a wider audience and create a conversation around this subject. This will go a long way in boosting the efforts of Adam Milstein, his foundation as well as other pro-Israel organizations.


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Classic and Modern: Richard Mishaan Design August 2, 2017

Richard Mishaan Design, of New York, New York, bring a modern vibe to his collections. He mixes classic furniture designs, made of high quality materials of course, and brings them new life by pairing with modern art. Bright colors contrast dark shades to bring subtle style to each space. Richard Mishaan Design brings influence from his Columbia origins,childhood in Italy, and his urban experience in the Big Apple. He has written two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, both chocked full of insider tips plus artsy photos of his work. Richard Mishaan Design also owns Homer Design, both feature furniture designed by the owner himself.


When considering a favorite of Richard Mishaan Design would be difficult but if it came down to it I’d select the Amagansett Retreat. Bare wood walls are left to speak for themselves and only enhanced by outdoorsy paintings. The furniture in each room is cozy and mismatched for the ultimate comforting appeal. You walk into this house and are ready to relax. There’s no stiff, stylish furniture that are all looks but uncomfortable for actual usage, instead, each piece was carefully selected to be functional. Rich browns, subtle beiges, and soft whites flow together to give this getaway destination a beachy feel. Pops of color appear in each space proving just another layer of personality. Richard Mishaan Design offers a complete portfolio to give the masses just a peak into the mind of a design genius. Each home is different and treated differently to respect the geographical location and intended use. Check out his work for the full experience.

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